swamp things cancelation and the future of this app

Anybody else considering ending their subscription of the DCU streaming app over the cancellation of swamp thing? my reasoning is twofold… One swamp thing is literally the reason I subscribed and have been patiently waiting for its debut. I love what I have seen so far and now to know they had to rush an ending and cut it short I am just overwhelmingly disappointed. Second should I still be funding what now looks to be a sinking ship? I was really enjoying this app but now I have little faith in its future.

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In my opinion, it eventually ending makes what time we have left with it more valuable.

Let’s hope for the best but them laying to rest a great franchise after one episode seems like they don’t have a clear and concise vision or alternatively they don’t have the funds. I hope it’s not the first sign to come that this whole dcu app is failing.

extremely disappointed in them canceling swamp thing, especially since the first two episodes have been great so far