Swamp Thing

Hello all, I wanted to say Swamp Thing lived up to a great series. DC is making a BIG mistake cancelling the show. I believe there are a lot of fans disappointed by that decision. I definitely am. I was definitely going to subscribe to DC, but when I heard Swamp Thing was being cancelled I am thinking about not even subscribing at all.
Thank you!


Hey, Fury Wolf, totally get that you’re probably frustrated, and I encourage you to voice your opinions, but there’s an official thread for venting about Swamp Thing. It makes it a lot easier for people to use the community tab if threads aren’t constantly being created about the same subjects. I encourage you to check out the thread, and look through what other people think. A lot of people seem to agree with you there! :slight_smile:


Show was too expensive

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Ahould have called it a mini series tbh. Also the venting thread is long gone.