Swamp Thing

So after watching the final episode, it’s clear they left this open for continuation. I’m wondering if DCU may be planning, instead of an ongoing episodic series, continuing with Swamp Thing in exclusive DCU movies? Maybe do one every year or so? Might be something to look into if viewership for the series warrants it? What do you think?


Seems they would have cut that final scene if they were ending it altogether. Could be an attempt from the production to try to force the studio, but I hope not. Definitely need more Swamp Thing…

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@movieaddict Or maybe they just had the scene and didn’t want to waste it so they threw it in. I don’t want it to be that, but I feel like that may be the case.

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DC needs to do the smart thing and keep swamp thing going and bring back Constantine. These two shows would make the DC universe so much bigger. Unfortunately DC seems to be their own worst enemy when it comes to which products to back.

The point of the “stinger” was to kill off Matt and ‘pay off’ Jason’s story from earlier in the episode, but it would’ve worked much better if it had been included DURING the episode’s denouement instead of where it was.

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Which is why I have to wonder if they are planning more for Swamp Thing. They could easily have left it out and had most of the story tied up, but they have this huge tease after the credits. Doesn’t make sense to leave it in if nothing will ever come of it. That’s why I wonder if the creative team is trying to push for more, thus leaving the tease…

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The editing of the episode would have happened some time after the cancellation announcement, so the “stinger” wasn’t meant as a teaser and therefore didn’t need to be placed where it was. Maybe the editor(s) felt that it slowed down the flow of the rest of the denouement too much; who knows?

I doubt that when told they were cutting it back to 10 episodes that it was said it was also cancelled. Yes, supposedly it had been a troubled production without much faith from Warner Brothers all along, so sure that the producers saw the writing on the wall and knew it was probably not getting a season 2. But reportedly they kept the sets up for some time after the show ended, so don’t think it was officially cancelled (even behind the scenes) quite at that point.

As far as showing Floronic Man in the teaser though. I do think it and Avery coughing up the plant implied they wanted to leave it open for another season if lucky enough for things to change. I mean, they could have had Swampy dissapear into the swamp and lose himself if they wanted to just close the door on it ever coming back. But fans were going to be expecting Floronic Man so I think including him in the end was mostly fan service, figured him turning into Floronic Man in the end and seemingly killing Matt (again, they could have shown him dying so sure they left it slightly open he might have somehow survived just in case) was more or less fan service. Fans were expecting Floronic Man and they probably didn’t have the time or budget to shoehorn him turning into Floronic Man AND having a showdown with Swamp Thing in an hour, if they did that it would have come at the expense of more plotlines being unresolved. So that was their compromise.

Guess time will tell, if the creatives don’t…

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