swamp thing

Can we please please please get more episodes for this show? I’m hooked and sad that I’m close to finishing the season and I feel that the rest of the story is missing and we are gonna be left with wondering what happens…

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If memory serves they had enough notice that they rewrote the last episode to wrap things up. So that’s a plus

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There is a natural break point in episode 10, based on Alan Moore’s issues.

Episode 9 is called The Anatomy Lesson, the same title as issue 21, which radically changed the status quo of the character.

We dont know the title of Episode 10, but the poster of the show shows Swamp Thing tenderly carrying the skelton of a man, which also happened in a subsequent issue. This is the characters reaction to the new status quo, which is eventually positive and life affirming. Very well done in the comics. I just read it.


I believe they were notified around episode 6 that they were only getting 10 episodes, so they made changes in the last few episodes to button it up and put a bow on the end of it.