Swamp Thing

So the first episode out of the way and wow what a amazing ride!

All those who said they were not into horror how did you like it ?
me personally I loved it so good and that ending was really spot on can’t wait for more!

Thanks all and have a wonderful day also don’t upset the swamp haha!

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It’s so good so far! I definitely jumped more than once. :see_no_evil: I’m loving the cinematography and the acting is top notch!


Agreed the part with the dead dude on the table made me sick haha just how he kinda fell apart :frowning: lmao but great so far!

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That was by far one of my favorite scenes.

Spoilers below:

I just can’t imagine what that poor girl went through, seeing her father like that. It’s no wonder she passed out.


Seen it twice already! Cant wait for the next episode.


I am loving it so far.

I wouldn’t call it a horror series though. If it is meant to invoke those feelings - it’s not succeeding for me.

But as a sort of adventure/mystery I am definitely hooked.

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