Swamp Thing TV Series: Any storylines you’d like to see?

Now that we’ve all had the time to bask in the awesomeness of the Swamp Thing teaser trailer, I got a question for fans of the the character:

What storylines (from any era of ST) would you like to see adapted to live-action. We know that a good chuck of the Alan Moore material will be the focus of this first season (with them even doing their take on The Anatomy Lesson), but what are some other ST stories they could delve into?

Can’t say that I am excited to see this one. Titans was good, Doom Patrol is amazing, Swamp Thing is not something I’m going to be into

Just about anything from Alan Moore, Len Wein, or Scott Snyder will work for me.


The New 52 series was the first Swamp Thing ongoing I read in its entirety, so I’m happy with whatever can from that.

If they reference the Swamp Thing cartoon somehow, I’ll do a flip.


Alan Moore story dealing with the Monkey King Would be fun to see


Just watched the teaser. Not usually a horror guy but it’s Swamp Thing and it looks like it’s going to be B@D @$$ !

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I’d be fine if they just stuck to the Alan Moore run. The Rot from Snyder’s run brought some good horror imagery though.

Some of the main plots that stood out to me were the lake vampires, the creepy Winchester mansion story, and I really liked the werewolf story from issue 40 that explored some interesting female social issues. I also loved when Swamp Thing goes to Gotham, but I’m sure we won’t be seeing that.

The Anatomy Lesson is an obvious favorite as well. Glad to hear they’ll be adapting it.


I just started reading swamp thing from the beginning. So I think it would be cool if they added some stories from when he was outside of his swamp. Like when he fought a werewolf and met a girl accused of witchcraft. Also I think it would be neat if he encountered Abel and the house of secrets since it was that series which had the first version of swamp thing

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I’d also like to see something like Rotworld, but I think that would fit better a few seasons from now when they presumably add other heroes in there, maybe like in the comics like Animal Man or Frankenstein, or other magical/dark characters.