Swamp Thing Thread #200 - Good Riddance

Just kidding.

Rip show, I will miss thee.

And seriously? It’s nothing to joke about. People lost jobs and money on this debacle.


Hey… we all grieve in our own ways.

Judge me.

Plus, I’m angry right now. Can you tell?


@gibbyhertz totally with you. Swamp Thing was the last comic adaptation I’ve gotten excited over since…it’s been so long that I can’t remember the last comic property I’ve gotten excited for. Got so burned out by MCU that I haven’t even seen Endgame yet. I had dropped every big two book from my saver and was indie only for over three years. But I was coming back to the DC fold, dreams of Deadman, Phantom Stranger & The Spectre spinning off of Swamp Thing. Doom Patrol was great, so I started reading DC comics again. And now…time to finish my Corto Maltese collection over more DC books.

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Cancel your HBO.

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I have no HBO :’(

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Update can be found in Watchtower here:

If you have any more questions please follow up there, in the interest of maintaining a single source of truth for reference. Thank you!

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Their really messing up with this choice