Swamp Thing Sweepstakes / 1980s

DC Comics sponsored a Swamp Thing sweepstakes during the Martin Pasko run ('81 or '82) The winner, if I recall correctly, got jetted to NYC in order to be given a tour of the DC offices and an intro to some key creative personnel. I used to collect postcards from rest stops, and so I filled them all out to serve as my entries into the sweepstakes. Low and behold, I was downtrodden to find out each postcard needed a stamp and I didn’t have eighty stamps. And it didn’t occur to me to ask for some parental help to fund a stamp purchase. Needless to say, I never entered the contest and carried that stack of postcards addressed to the Swamp Thing sweepstakes from the time I was nine years old until the 2000s. They’re out there somewhere, cavorting with the Green.

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