Swamp Thing, something to remember

The latest episode, another superb, 10/10 show. One thing, however, needs to be noted.

Swamp Thing is NOT Alec Holland turned into a plant.

Swamp Thing is a plant that THINKS it’s Alec Holland. This was established early on, and it was Woodrue (or Wood-Rue) who deduced it.

I wish the series had/would mentioned it.


The TV series is pretty clearly going with the Wein/Wrightson Swamp Thing origin story and combining it with mythology and lore elements that were introduced by Alan Moore, which is honestly the best approach to take be sure it honors the character’s entire history instead of focusing just on one portion of it.


Of course, you are right in your assertions. Just as with DOOM PATROL, the source material was used as a jumping-off point. I mean, Matt Cable is a VERY different character as Alan Moore (may his name be praised) portrayed him.

I prefer these stories the way that they are presented, and I remain stoked that I subscribed to this service. And Stargirl next? Be still, my quivering heart.


So, finally getting around to watching Swamp Thing. Don’t know too much about the character and it’s origin, but anything DC I’m a fan of!!! But are we really only getting one season?!?!

I kind of like that they’re not beholden to Alan Moore’s run. They’re going more with what the original creators came up. Too many times people will talk about Swamp Thing and only mention the Alan Moore stuff; in some cases they think HE created the character. This isn’t Moore’s Swamp Thing. This is more a mish-mash of different eras to create the best show they can.

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“A SwampThing To Remember”


I think they will reveal he’s not actually Holland by the end of the series. The show profile backs this up with a picture of Swamp Thing holding Alec Holland’s body. Could be simply symbolic, but I suspect it will be a reveal.