Swamp Thing - Post Credits Predictions

It has been confirmed that there will be a post credits scene in the final episode of “Swamp Thing” this Friday.

I have my thoughts on what it could be, but I’m interested to hear what everyone else thinks

Abby and Swamp Thing holding hands

Or a look for Blue Devil or even better Justice League Dark series next year.

Maybe Woodrue becoming the Floronic Man?

My dream: the Monitor from the upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths steps out of a portal to recruit Swamp Thing. It will never happen. But I want it to.

Actual predictions:
Spin-off show
Constantine cameo
Second season on HBO Max (also unlikely)



This is your second response that I considered awsome.

Too bad that Swamp Thing was the only Original Content show NOT run by the CW showrunner. Then your vision.would be possible, the show would have run under budget, and we would have a second season of Swamp Thing

@Awesome_Squid imagine if we got a Constantine cameo? That would be great.

Maybe a clear look at Anton Arcane as the Avatar of the rot.

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I don’t need anything flashy

Just a simple sentence written across the screen Swamp Thing saga will continue and justice league Dark

The probability of this happening not likely

It’s just ST going to the bathroom on a toilet that looks like the WB symbol.

I’d like a phantom stranger series or just a teaser for a show not shown at sdcc