Swamp Thing needs to have a season 2... prove me wrong

I’m creating this thread, because I really enjoyed season 1 of swamp thing, and I think DC universe needs to continue with what it started. In terms of the live action shows currently offered, my wife and I both liked it best (thus far) & really believe it deserves a season 2.

However, I am seeing a lot of news articles pointing to the show being cancelled. I can’t begin to understand this decision making, if that is true. For starters, the show currently sits at 8.1 stars out of 10 on IMDb, which means duuuuuh people like it. Perhaps it may not have had many viewers yet (idk if true or untrue, just speculation) but that will come with time. Also, this show has been run during summer when not as many people are watching tv. Besides DCU does not yet have a lot of its own new viewing options, it would be ludicrous to nix any of their original programming this early in the game. DCU execs if you’re listening, to keep people like myself and the other subscribers paying for this app (which we really want to be successful) you need to be pumping out a lot more original content and quickly. I personally love this service and want it to be successful and the original shows are the one thing I want more of from this application. While I’m on this rant of nixed DC horror shows… can we also bring back Constantine? Aside from Flash this was my favorite DCEU show and could not believe it was cancelled.

Ok, ok rant over. If you agree and would like swamp thing to be continued, please share your thoughts.


“Prove you wrong” and you have the audacity to ask for only positive opinions.

The fans got probably the best season of Swamp Thing ever done, but it is a commercial failure.

Swamp Thing did not get picked up for distribution, the shows that did are getting a second season.

Swamp Thing lost at minimum $60 million dollars.

IMDB reviews don’t mean jack because the are not monetizing the series.

WB/DC tried something, and regardless of reviews or hashtags, lost over 75% of its investment.

A second season of Swamp Thing would be a very bad business decision.

If you had $80 million & lost at least $60 million on that investment, would you invest (your own money) another $80 million only to lose $60 million of it again, and make your total lose $120 million.

A show that’s that much of a money pit doesn’t DESERVE, let alone NEED, another season.

Prove me wrong.


OMG can you people let this go LOL


DeSade’s got this covered, but I’ll just add that IMDB reviewers are a self-selected group. People who didn’t like or care about Swamp Thing probably gave up early on and didn’t think to leave a review. So you’re looking at people who are subscribed to a DC streaming service to begin with (and thus are probably biased) reviewing a show that’s popularly seen as having been unjustly canceled (thus making it a sort of martyr figure for the DCU community), which only recently released the season finale. That rating is going to be pretty heavily inflated.

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@madoxx people are not letting this go for as long as this service is up.

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I could not agree with you more. Swamp Thing and Doom
Patrol were two of the best shows on TV. Criminal to cancel it before the first episode even aired. Don’t know who is running things at DC but they have it all screwed up. We should all let them know they need to save the show

I think we need to appreciate that we ran the jewels on Warner Brothers for an 80 million dollar Swamp Thing series which should have never existed in the first place. The economics never made sense. It was hitting top 20 most expensive shows of all time on a per episode budget. Swamp Thing is my favorite series (the Moore stuff, but a Wrightson fan as well) and I never thought I would see it realized on such a scale. Especially after the other adaptations. There’s already two movies. And another series. It has a reputation for being cheap. So I’m just appreciating that we essentially took those fools at Warner Brothers for at least 60 million (if I’m reading deSade correctly) and blew it all on a fancy Swamp Thing series. I’m pretty happy with that. Plus I’ve read online rumors that Swampy is being considered for a movie. Especially after the outcry, a movie may be a more cost effective way to do Swamp Thing at scale. It may be safer to bet a 100 million dollar film budget on it when box office returns are considered. The money generated from a streaming series seems fairly nebulous to measure. Sure Netflix has algorithms for it. Anyways, thanks DCU for betting the house on one of favorite characters. You can tell whoever’s getting chewed out over the numbers that it was totally worth it and that I appreciate it.


The show was so good. Swamp Thing was unbelievably like the comic. The scene of Swamp Thing holding Alec Holland’s remains was even better than it was drawn. Loved the Adrienne Barbeau cam. Can’t believe Jennifer Beals was Lucilia. Everyone was so good in this series.


𝜈 = μ/ρ0 -=y = h, u = 0, y = −h, u = 0:μ∇2u = Swamp Thing doesn’t need to have a season 2


I don’t think it’s in the cards, but I would like a season 2. I really liked everything about the first season.

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The $60 million number is on the very generous side. 200k DCU Subscribers @ $100 a piece is $20 mil.

I seriously doubt DCU has that many subscribers. But, let’s be generous and they did. That would also be applying 100% of subscription revenue towards Swamp Thing. (Which we all know didn’t happen.)

I’d guess the real loss is more likely in the 70+ million. Basically…WB lost their shirt on Swamp Thing. A fact folks just need to accept.

If they did a $100 million movie, they might make $200 million, but Swampy just ain’t a revenue generator. This is why the flim & tv predating the DCU Originals series were always low budget.


The show was so great please bring it back I loved the blue devil stuff and I want to see swamp thing use his powers more it was so cool and I would love to see swamp thing and Constantine episode or for them to do a Constantine show

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Ahhh… there’s DeSade with his anti Swamp Thing.

Never disappoints.


I’m not gonna sit here and tell people not to voice their opinion (no matter how much I disagree with it), but can we just keep it in the official Swamp Thing vent thread? It’s a dedicated place for this discussion that allows people to get their thoughts out, and it prevents the community tab from being filled with identical threads with the same people saying the same things.


@omnilad, couldn’t agree with you more! Seems like every day we get the same posts over and over again when they could just go to the vent thread.


I’m not anti-Swamp Thing. I just understand the financial realities and want to see DCU thrive. A big part of that is being fiscally responsible.

I’m glad someone finally did a ST with enough budget to do it right and work through a very good and well known story arc. Swamp Thing has a dedicated and passionate fan base but it takes a lot of dedicated, monetized fans to justify a second season. Swamp Thing just doesn’t have that. I would have been very happy to get a second season. However the numbers just completely don’t add up. That’s the reality of the media business.

I keep asking the same question that if you had $80 mil, would you produce a second season of a show that’s going to lose you $60 mil of that money?

So far nobody has stepped up and said they would, and I don’t blame them. It’s a very bad investment. If people wouldn’t do that with their own money, why should they expect/demand/entitled to WB spending their money that way.

It’s bad business. WB took a chance and did Swamp Thing, it was as a very good show. It was also a very expensive show to make. Financial realities are just that, realities. I won’t even get started on the fact that WB/ATT is a publicly trade company and have certain legal obligations to show they are operating in a fiscally prudent way.


It’s not coming back they lost a lot of money. Why don’t people just let it go I really don’t want to keep seeing these threads everyday lol sorry if that was rude


If I had 80 million I would build a Swamp Thing amusement park. It would just be a swamp, but still more popular than Star Wars Land (or whatever it’s called).

Bathrooms everywhere


I don’t think this went how the OP thought it would a

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