Swamp Thing live action TV show & movie

What are the chances in getting the live action movie & TV show for Swamp Thing. The TV show was on late 80s early 90s and was great. It starred,I believe, the same actor as Swamp Thing as the movie.

At first I was sure they would bring it in for marketing purposes alone since the new show will be debuting later this year. But…in thinking about it…they may want to distance themselves from it… I don’t know if they want that version to be people’s first glimpse at Swamp Thing, it may put a lot of the more casual fans off from watching the new series…more harm than good…

Don’t think WB has any rights to them. I’m watching an episode on YouTube right now actually. Would love a better quality version to watch though. I know the new series is bound to be of much better quality, writing and effects, and I’m desperately looking forward to it. However, nothing beats the nostalgia of the original versions…

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None. Warner Brothers has no ownership of the Swamp Thing movies or the animated and live action Swamp Thing television shows.

WB Television could acquire licenses to exhibit that content on DC Universe, but I’m sure they’d rather put the full spotlight on the new Swamp Thing series debuting here. It’s WB’s first live action DC production to feature Swamp Thing; a big milestone worthy of the full spotlight IMO.