Swamp Thing: First look impressions?

We all just got our first exclusive look at the upcoming show, Swamp Thing! What did everyone like about it? Did you like the appearance of the swamp and Swamp Thing himself? Did you like the tone and logo? Let us all know what you think!


I love everything about it. Looks awesome!


It was great I liked the music Swamp Thing couldn’t have looked cooler


All perfect

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With what I seen in the teaser this is the best Swamp Thing ever looked in live-action.


I have to agree with everyone else, totally awesome! And with how good season 1 of Titans was, and how good season 1 of Doom Patrol has been, I have no doubt that Swamp Thing will meet and exceed all expectations. Keep up the good work DC Universe!

I saw the actual full trailer at wondercon and it looks amazing they are going very dark and horror for this show

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He looked awesome. I am looking forward to this series.

My wife and have watched it several times. How many times can you watch a Swamp thing poke his head out the water? We are stoked!

I’m hoping he’s only shiny because he was in the water.
Otherwise, looks good.

I showed this to my brother who was not aware about this show coming out and his words were,“That looks badass!”. I agree

Looks good to me. There was an old movie(?) that I enjoyed as a kid and this seems like its gonna be much better than that.