Swamp Thing Episode Review - The Anatomy Lesson

So, let’s start with the plot line of least importance.

With the way they left Matt Cable, it reminded of that one story from the Alan Moore run. Where Anton Arcane sends his spirit to make a deal with Matt and takes over his body. Obviously they aren’t doing that, but hopefully they can still give us some closure with him for the final episode.

At long last, Cassidy becomes the Blue Devil. The transformation scene I thought was really cool to watch. As for what he actually looks like, well…I’m conflicted. It does look kind of cool, but personally, I think he might have looked too bulky. I didn’t get the best look of him, but I think they could have approached it differently. Now, the “studio” guy comes back and I’m not quite as confident in my theory that he is a demon. Now, if there are any experts about the Blue Devil reading this, does this guy take after any specific character from the comics? Let me know.

Looks like Avery is back to his old self, after a brief moment from the previous episode where it looked like he actually wanted to do right by Alec before Woodure talked him out of that. I kind of liked the exchange where Maria says this isn’t over but Avery is like “I think we both know it is”. I like to think they were also talking about the show itself, considering the actress who plays Maria is one of the most vocal critics for the decision to cancel the show.

Finally, Abby/Alec…or should I just stick to Swamp Thing. In addition to getting some cool experimentation shots from Woodure’s research of his body, we get confirmation that Swamp Thing isn’t actually Alec. One of the first things Alan Moore did in his run of the character was establish that Swamp Thing isn’t actually Alec but copied and absorbed the memories and consciousness of the deceased scientist into a completely plant based body. I always figured we would go that way in the show, but it’s nice to know for sure. The final scene is very dark as it shows…well, you know that poster that shows Swamp Thing holding the corpse? It’s that.

Oh, also it is kind of sad to see Woodure’s like take that turn. And I truly believed the chemistry and emotional connection between Abby and Swamp Thing.

All right guys, unfortunately, we have one episode left. What did you think of this one? Theories for the final episode? Post below!


Just finished it and it was great! My favorite part was the traditional costume accessories of the Phantom Stranger. I am not that familiar with Blue Devil but Ian’s portrayal is very good ,kinda campy as his human self and genuinely horrified once he turned back.

EDT you are correct the reveal on Swampie not being Alex was pivotal and handled well. Though I have to wonder if it wasn’t a little rushed due to the episodes being cut.

There are SO many side stories this series could have gone down! Truly whole world’s of material.

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