🌱 Swamp Thing Ep. #03 Discussion Thread: Spoiler Zone!🚨

What an episode its was Dark, Gruesome and Horrific check out my spoiler talk review of the episode.


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Ok I hate to be negative, but this show has the same issues I had with the first two. It starts out boring then picks up near the final third of it. I have not read the comics, although I have seen and enjoyed both previous movies and was a fan of the original TV series, so the character is not completely alien to me. And I am not a horror fan, so those might be part of my issues with it.

But this show is just not engaging me. I get that for budgetary reasons they can only show so much of Swamp Thing, hence Abby is the actual main character for that reason. But the talking heads rambling on and the endless Green Flu stuff doesn’t interest me at all, I just don’t find any of it intriguing. I also had some trouble actually understanding Swamp Thing when he finally talked as the background music seemed to almost drown him out, but I may need new headphones for my computer. As no one else has mentioned that so that might be a problem on my end. Didn’t do wonders though. I want to like this show more, they are giving Blue Devil one of my favorite more obscure heroes a live action adaption finally. But despite each episode having some great moments, I feel like I have to sit through a lot of boring ones to get to them. Also Abby’s seemingly falling so in love with Alex over what? 2 days seems a bit unrealistic to me, I know it will make it more believable she eventually looks past the plant covered monster he has now become. But the time frame just doesn’t work for me.

Not to be all negative… the things I did like. Swamp Thing’s battle with the zombie, or whatever it was. Was interesting and well done and got to say for a practical effect especially Swamp Thing looks amazing. And the battle and effects for the bugs animating the corpse looked great. Also while I had to turn on the closed captions to know what Swamp Thing was saying, it was a well done scene (and again, the sound issues seem to be on my end and not the shows fault). I also liked the scene with Dan Cassidy was interesting. I was wondering why an actor and stunt man was running a video store and hotel (or hostel or something Alec could check into) in the middle of nowhere Louisiana. I get that they had to change his backstory to make it fit with Swamp Thing’s setting for this show, but am glad there is some extenuating circumstance. The card reading was interesting too, unlike the rest of the sub plots I am actually curious to see where this is heading. Ian Ziering is doing great with the role so far too, I have said it before but that inspired casting, he has Dan Cassidy down perfectly. Given the show is not even getting a 2nd season my hopes are not high, but so far I would not be opposed to a Blue Devil Spin-Off.

So that is my thoughts. Wish they could be more pisitive then they were. I am glad so many people love this show, but would be lying if I said I entirely get it. And honestly, while they may have chosen wrong having watched the first three episodes, if WB saw them and felt that the show was not going to do good enough to warrant the huge production cost I can’t say I would blame them, if that was the reason. Given the feedback maybe they were wrong, but I can see why they would have thought 5 hour conversations about a green flu was not going to take America by storm.

Hopefully I will get into it more next episode, but seems that based on the last three I will sadly be bored until the final 15 minutes when it will pick up. Hope that trend improves.

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Holy chocolate starfish batman!! That was a long rant ¯(°_O)/¯

Sorry to hear you aren’t enjoying it. It’s definitely not a “have me on the edge of my seat” type show. But I enjoyed it because of crystal reed and the way Swamp Thing looks is interesting. The CGI is well done and they effectively underuse swamp thing. And the fact that the whole show is absolutely disgusting with the body horror :joy:

Its great!


LOL sorry if it came off as a rant, I was just giving my thoughts on the show, most of them are about that long, just usually I sadly am more positive. But I still have not given up hope it will improve. Sure I will love the Blue Devil reveal.


DC do yourself and the fans a favor and renew Swamp Thing for a second season. It was be a shame to cancel such a great show that the fans obviously enjoy and want more of.


The overlords at AT&T have dropped the hammer. I hope this sorts itself out in the future so they can be successful in giving the fans what they want. Just read these discussion forums and nurture your fan base, and it will continue to grow like Marvel has with Disney.

“The overlords at AT&T have dropped the hammer”

Stop spreading rumors.

DC Universe’s future is not in jeopardy, nor are the futures of Titans, Doom Patrol, Young Justice, Harley Quinn, or Stargirl.

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They dropped the hammer on Swamp Thing.

Not a rumor.

Although we don’t know specifics, we do know that Swamp Thing’s cancellation was monetarily related and that reports of ^ “creative differences” and “executive meddling” are inaccurate, so my original comment still stands: stop spreading rumors.


Nobody cares about your original comment, slick. I pay a membership here I’ll post whatever I like.

^ Really? The Mods here have said that people need to stop spreading false rumors and speculation about Swamp Thing’s cancellation, so you actually can’t post “whatever you like”.

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Get a life! Step outside of your head for moment and pay attention to one of those 24 candidates running for POTUS.

^ huh?


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I enjoyed the episode! I have not read any of Swamp Things comics, but the Locus bugs are creepily good!
I love the actors and the show is getting better. It was a slow start but I love that Abby now knows Alec is Swamp Thing!


First Opinion: IssacBrown, you are a complete waste of time to even read. If you haven’t cancelled and left, please consider it.
Second: Hmm Swamp Thing is, and I hate to say this, not fulling hooking me. While I love the horror idea…it’s going into more “cheesey b movie” jump scare horror…which is really …disappointing. The characters are okay, but Abby seems too stiff and scripted…and Avery’s wife…also very generic. I love the acting though by Dr Woodrue, as well as Avery Sunderland himself.

I do hope it picks up, but it’s been getting less interesting after each episode…the first really set the bar, but it hasn’t followed up.

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I feel like there’s always an either-or when it comes to budgeted TV dramas. Either the writing is really good and special FX sucks, or or the writing and acting is cringey but the special effects is fantastic.

Are fantastic **

@Maddox, as a fan of Star Trek Discovery…I support your claim 100% xD

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@Horizon_brave: I agree with your assessment of ST, I thought the first two episodes were pretty good, but the third one was a let down. Sunderland’s wife could easily be cut from the show, the whole ghost of her dead daughter just doesn’t add anything to the story. After a couple of episodes I can tell when a jump scare is coming, which ruins the effectiveness and defeats their purpose. ST himself becomes less frightening the more he appears on screen. I don’t feel the show was sustainable, which is probably why it was cancelled.