🌱 Swamp Thing Ep. #03 Discussion Thread: Spoiler Zone!🚨

Welcome, boils and ghouls, to the next installment in the Swamp Thing discussion zone.

If you haven’t watched the episode, turn back before it’s too late- spoilers abound!

Now that we’re alone, Swamplings, tell us: What did you think? Ya like bugs? Are you on board for the interpretation of The Rot? What do you think will become of Daniel Cassidy’s new reading by Madame Xanadu? Who thought Sunderland was a good guy until now? Did you feel a “spark” between Swamp Thing and Abby? Let us know your favorite moments, your theories, your conspiracies and your visions in the comments below!


Another solid episode. Some things were resolved but more is being setup and I can’t wait. What an amazing world this show building. And I need to see more of Abby and Swamp Thing speaking to each other. Hopefully everything can be wrapped up in the next 7 episodes.


There were solid reveals

Abby and Alec Talked
Abby and Cable danced making Alec jealous
Xanadu showed Blue Devil his life will change soon
Wife of Suderland the one with money
Suderland and Police Chief have a past
Patients better after Abby reacts to what Alec said, including her co worker
women reporter and her girl friend advance plot
A brutal murder
Bugs lots of them who are not plants
Abby best dead friend causing plague?

A lor for 48 minutes


I hate to say it but I find this show intolerably boring. Read the comics.


Love the show! They are doing an excellent job with the horror. The actors and the props, the Swamp Thing suit! It’s top notch. When Swamp Thing was watching Abbie dance in the bar with her childhood friend, that was my favorite scene.

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Wow. Kinda dead in here.

Nobody cares anymore because of the cancellation. :frowning:


Your average movie is 2 hrs. Folks don’t skip out on a movie because there may not be a sequel.

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The cancellation did not help enthusiasm. The show is good though. A lot of people worked hard and it shows.


As usual, rooting for the odd man out in the triangle, the one who follows the rules and is loyal. I know, Matt Cable, blah blah, no spoilers. Why can’t girls like the guys who like them. It’s like the Dev-Em Lyta triangle. Episode 3 was good.

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Yep. It’s like when Netflix cancelled all their Marvel shows. Nobody talks about them now.

While Lucifer is getting the most attention now. Lol.

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I still have 13 hrs of Jessica Jones to enjoy.

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There is too much TV. The DC Universe shows are appointment television for me.

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on the edge of my seat for that reading by Xanadu … my guess is she was ‘watching’ the end of Point Break before Ian Ziering and his wholly under-appreciated expressive face came home :ocean:

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Had a hard time sleeping tonight, so I figured I’d watch catch up to Swamp Thing. One too many bug swarms; insomnia has NOT been cured!

Good episode, though.


“Nobody cares anymore because of the cancellation”


Discussion will ebb and flow.

I’ve been listening to a Swamp Thing podcast wherein the hosts have glommed onto the TV show’s heavy Alan Moore influence, and the entire time I was watching this episode I found myself wondering what their analysis of the episode was going to be since it leaned pretty heavily into concepts that Moore introduced while simultaneously undermining the biggest conceptual change to the character that he made and pretty much straight-up confirming that Wein and Bernstein’s straightforward origin story for the character has been stuck to here.

As for my own thoughts on the episode, I like that it didn’t take long for Abby and Alec/Swampy to reunite and for Abby to get some assistance from him directly , although there’s clearly more that needs to be done to actually stop whatever is causing my this Swamp Plague.

I’m not sure what the point of the shot from last week’s episode of Maria Sunderland lying next to Shawna’s drowned corpse was because it went absolutely nowhere here, but I did like seeing her assert some sort of authority by refusing to continue funding Avery’s research.

I like that Liz didn’t even really bat an eyelash when Abby told her about Alec/Swampy, and I also like that she and her GF Margaux are getting involved in investigating what actually happened to him.

The concept of The Rot/Black/Grey manifesting itself in the form of insect activity reanimating corpses is both gross, terrifying, and jntriguing, and I can’t help but wonder if this will continue or if we will see an actual avatar chosen in the same way that The Green has chosen Alec.

I’m not sure exactly where they’re going with Daniel Cassidy’s story since I was convinced that he’d already been turned into Blue Devil but was no longer “stuck in the suit”, but I do want to see more of him and hopefully learn more about his backstory and connection to Xanadu.

Speaking of Xanadu, I can’t figure out why she suddenly has a Jamaican accent (that I didn’t notice last week) when she’s from ancient Britain, but it was a little distracting.

I never ended up reviewing last week’s episode because my thoughts on it never quite came together, but I think “He Speaks” was the best episode of the show thus far and has,set up some very interesting story avenues going forward.


:seedling:So Good! Always want more! :seedling:


To this point, in my opinion, the show Swamp Thing has built up the title creature’s mythos with each episode, improving on the previous one. They seem to get better, and add more layers with each one. I am also finding it very intriguing how the show writers are blending the Len Wein/Bernie Wrightson “original” version with the Alan Moore’s more ethereal version. There were so many things taken from Wein/Wrightson, almost comic book panel to film frame, including the insect swarm, Alec’s dream, and much more. I am thoroughly enjoying this version of Swampy.

I am glad they are keeping a lot of the “original” elements of the story. I am probably in the minority when I say that I was not a fan of what Alan Moore did with Alec Holland and Swamp Thing. Reading the Wein/Wrightson version of a man transformed, trying to come to terms with his new state, and the repercussions thereof, is something I can actually relate to infinitely more than some ethereal spiritual entity that doesn’t really have any connection to humanity other than some absorbed memories. How can I as a human even relate or sympathize with that? Give me back my human deformed that has to deal with his abnormality. This Swampy still seems to have that aspect. My fear, and suspicion, is that in future episodes this show will go full Moore, but until then I’ll continue to relate to Alec deformed.


Loving this show! Please don’t shut it down​:disappointed_relieved::herb::herb::heart:


I love it too. That Swamp Thing outfit looks sooo cool. I like the actress playing Abby and everyone else too.


The show is great and I hope the DC execs
change their minds and keep it around. The story arch is great, it’s creepy like a swamp thing series should be.