🌱 Swamp Thing Ep. #01 Discussion Thread: Spoiler Zone!🚨

Welcome, boils and ghouls, to the first official discussion thread for the most ominous and stylish Swamp Thing iteration yet!

If you haven’t watched the episode, turn back before it’s too late!

Now that we’re alone, Swamplings, tell us: What did you think? How about that delicious Thing-esque body horror scene? Or the somehow gorgeous tree impalement scene? What do you make of all the weird wet squishies hanging around? Let us know your favorite moments, your theories, your conspiracies and your visions in the comments below!


I loved how it starts part medical epidemic part investigatory procedural.

How many characters are introduced some just in a line like Madame Xanadu. How interconnected many are.

How Abby is both from the town and an outsider.

But Dr Holland wearing flip flops and shorts in an epidemic situation? Not very smart.

Too many characters dont tell others where they are going. Or go it alone. At night. When they have already seen how the Mutagen behaves. Like fast and homicidal.

All in all an excellent first episode.


I enjoyed the episode but why is
It only released once a week? I’m obviously spoiled by Netflix. :joy::joy:


scrapes some swamp mush off his boots and puts them by the Yule Log, then admires his Swamp Thing socks

That was good! I really enjoyed it. Suspenseful, fun and intriguing. Virginia Madsen playing a bit of a b***h is a nice change of character for her.

A great debut. I’m looking forward to more.


Hi I am new to this app how good is swamp thing


Only one way to find out if SWAMP THING is any good: Watch it!


@batman.supersons it’s good u should give it a try


Episode one was amazing, I really loved how they gave the audience such a strong connection to Alec Holland making the ending that much more tragic.


I enjoyed it very much! I recently read the swamp thing saga by Alan Moore on this app so I can’t wait to see more from the show and what it takes from the comics.


Oh my goodness this first eps was AMAZING!
My 3 favorite moments in this eps.

  1. When the swamp vines rip apart the corps of the deceased father (wow that was hard core)
  2. That guy getting impaled in the beginning (brutal)
  3. I know it probably was not meant to be funny but when Dr. Arcane is introducing herself to the hospital team shes like “everyone needs mask, gloves, and goggles for anyone in direct contact with patients.” Next scene she is with little girl and doesn’t have on goggles! LMAO! I’ve worked in labs as a research assistant and always for get to put on my goggles.

What you’ve said is pretty much my response as well. To add on, when the vines took over the father and turned his corpse into a snake/Medusa-esque creature, I was both happy with the design, but also know it would have been terrifying in real life. As I write this, it reminds me of 9.
Also, with Abby and the no goggles, there were a bunch of people watching her. I would’ve thought someone would have pointed that out.


Best pilot thus far on the DCU! Even though I enjoyed the others, this one had me on the edge of my seat. Can’t wait until next Friday. Can we get a Nightwing spin-off of Titans?


Swamp Thing is a personal favorite of mine, I’m very happy to see him get his time on the small screen. This first episode was horrifically amazing, as others said, I was on the edge of my seat loving every second. Can’t wait for next week, keep up the great work and amazing content. Thank you from a DC fanatic.


Just plain awesome!!! Protect the green. Swamp thing fans rejoice the time has come to celebrate. i love you DC Universe!!!


Oh my God this was both captivating and hard to look at at times. The way they don’t flinch away from grotesque and horrific kills and body horror. It very much reminds me of one of my favorite movies of all time, John Carpenter’s the Thing, in the way they used the man’s body as a centerpoint as a swarm of tendrils attacked the room around him. I’m hooked.


Serious body horror vibes when the dead guy in the hospital came back to life and all those plant guts started bursting out of his body and wriggling around. Not bad so far. Shame the episode ended on the cliffhanger right when Swamp Thing appeared. Can’t wait for more!


Really enjoyed the pilot and I can’t wait to see where the story goes from here!


The pilot was amazing! I got excited for it when it was announced and after seeing this episode it didn’t disappoint. Soooo good. I can’t wait for next a Friday! #ProtectTheGreen


I very much liked the pilot. Swamp Thing is completely new to me. I never read the comics before. I was very focused on super heroes back then. The show looks very promising.


Hey @abfgmsw you said it reminds you of “9” what is 9?