Swamp Thing cancellation?

I hope this is not true. I will cancel my subscription right away.

Unfortunately it looks like it is true

What we know was that originally the series was going to have fifteen episodes, but they stopped shooting with the tenth. We don’t know the exact reasoning, though the ones that seem most likely is either the shoot went way over budget, and/or the tax breaks in North Carolina didn’t hold out.

Nothing has been said that the series has been officially canceled as of yet. If anything, given the initial success, I wouldn’t be surprised if the series does keep going, but they find a cheaper place to shoot going forward.

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…Okay, never mind that, just saw an article of it from Variety. Well…crap. :frowning:


I just canceled HBO. Not worth $15 a month.

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Does HBO have a forum where that might be relevant? (kidding) :slight_smile: