Swamp Thing....As a Huge Fan, my personal thoughts..

Wow… Okay…so… I’m not in love with it as I am with Doom Patrol…but this was a fucking good start. I think I wouldn’t have had the accident already in teh first episode… and I wanted to see more interaction between Abby and Alec as humans before the shit hit the fan. Anyway some notes I made throughout the show:

The beginning has No real context, but very dramatic but predictable opening. Good but we saw it coming…The attack was intense though.

Very lack luster credit scene

Abby Drives a Jeep!

They weren’t kidding about the body horror! The autopsy scene holy shit that is some creepy, gory shit…

I like Alec…but I was expecting a blonde… plus I hope they don’t try to make him too over the top cliché scientist

The makeup is amazing. I really could see this as near theatrical level effects

Avery…looks like a spitting image of Nuke-face from the comics!

I like the actress for Abby… but not sure if I like her as Abby if that makes sense. She’s a bit too…pretty.

A black Liz Treymane….okay!

I know it’s probably not going to happen…but I love Allec’s Bayou lab stronghold. I assume it’s going to be ripped apart in a fiery explosion, ending his life…but one can dream.

Very much reminds me of a “B Horror movie” and actually that’s a good thing.

Ohhh he dies on the boat…not in his lab…Yes! The Bayou stronghold survives!

So good stuff overall, I still wish there would have been atleast one full episode before Alec is killed, because honestly, with only one episode with him…and him being given only half the episode we don’t get alot of building between he and Abby. I think Len Wein would be very proud of this… And while it’s very heavy on the horror which I love, I do hope in season 2 we begin to move away from the shock and awe of the horror and into more meatier, DC themed stories…ahem…Justice League Dark… Either way I’m really locked in, and with Doom Patrol out, this is slipping into my number one!

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Couldn’t disagree more. I too am a fan of Swamp Thing, and for a TV Adaptation…they got it right. Far better than the goofy movie, and spot on with the feel, setting, acting and music. I think this is the best “first” episode of the three (TITANS-DOOM PATROL and SWAMP THING) Can’t wait for next week!!

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Intro is so goood

Right now I put Titans the best they’ve done so far Swamp Thing would be second Young Justice would be a close third and I thought Doom Patrol was to lame the villains are dumb except for nobody mr. Nobody

My knowledge on Swamp Thing is limited who is Liz Tremaine

@RobertScorpio… you realize I liked the show right? I don’t get what you read in my post that makes you want to ‘disagree more’.

I REALLY loved this first episode. I’ve watched it 3 times! Hope we didnt lose Holland completely, he grew on me pretty quick. Plenty of room for flashbacks I suppose.
Crystal Reed is fire! I really felt that scene with Virgina Madsen. I bought her and Bean’s chemistry. Her reaction to the animated vine corpse, perfect. That is EXACTLY how someone would react. Scream. Queen.
Derek Mears, my second favorite Jason Voorhees. Cant wait to see more.
I get this does run along on tropes. Peculiar scientist with a disregard for the rules. A girl returning to a small town with a troubled past. The rich, elitist head of town with his own agenda. Ect. But it’s so well acted and believably crafted together that I got invested anyway.
Plus, it’s just the first episode. It’s just the introduction, still plenty of story to come. Plenty of “wildcards” like Xanadu, Blue Devil, and Swamp Thing itself.