Swamp Thing addict

So…I watched it Friday myself…then I rewatched it to look for Easter eggs.

Then my mother who’s never been into comics thought it looked cool and so we watched it together. Then she had my step dad sit down and watch it with us :joy: I’m glad they like it and the disease is spreading…but man I’ll be glad never to research the pilot again. Bring on episode 2!



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Maybe you really meant research. One day you might have a research paper and can utilize the pilot from Swamp Thing. Plus, having an excuse of “research” to watch shows is not a bad thing.

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Taking nothing better than spreading the algae covered love around

Lmao I rewatched it 4 times Im obsessed

Yup the pilot was fantastic

The geniuses at ATT/WB have decided to cancel swamp thing after one episode. Congrats friends we are all suckers! We got hustled by big business to subscribe to an app that is going to screw us over.


@TheBronxBatman: Sorry but I’ll believe that “rumor” when someone at DC Universe confirms it and not before. I’ll take official word over clickbait-y articles that seem to be the norm for sites these days. This was first mentioned on some little site that I’d never even heard of so to me its suspect to begin with and now the rest of the net is following suit as per normal.

Anyone can start a rumor online and get loads of people in an uproar over it.

@JasonTodd428 there is a chance it’s not real, but at the same time, it was another small site that broke the news that DC was shortening the 1st season of Swamp Thing.

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True enough but to be honest with you I don’t trust most of the media news sites out there. Most are only in this to rile up people and not to report actual news so forgive me if I find this one suspect. It’s a whole different story if this news was coming directly from DC or someone at DC Universe but its not so…

Official announcements are the only thing I trust these days.

You know, the dark and scary theme they used for the intro sounds familiar to a theme I’ve wanted for years. I can’t really describe it, but I’ve been waiting for such an epic and foreshadowing theme song in any media for a long time.