Swamp Thing #40

Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing continues to blow my mind.

I had just finished the excellent introduction of Constantine in a fascinating spin on vampires that exist underwater in a sunken small town. Then it’s followed up by this amazing issue addressing female oppression and the history of shaming women for their very normal menstrual cycles. Such a relevant story for today and it was written over 3 decades ago.

Anyway, if you haven’t read Moore’s Swamp Thing yet you should. And if you haven’t read Swamp Thing #40 in a while you should.


Oh and for those less interested in purposeful storytelling it’s also a werwolf story :slightly_smiling_face:

I haven’t read alot of Moore’s Swamp Thing but comments like these make me want to dive into the whole shebang toot sweet.

Werewolves (or “Verebilfs” as a certain TV show calls them) just seal the deal.


I highly recommend it. One of the best comic-based decisions I’ve ever made. Would definitely read it before the show, as I imagine they’ll be pulling a lot from Moore’s run.

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I have read the first softcover of Moore’s ST from the most recent trade release of the series. However, I haven’t owned that book in a long time and I remember nothing from it, so a re-read of that material followed by a reading of what came next is in order at some point.

Is Moore’s entire run (including Annuals or other one-shots and tie-ins) here?

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It’s very well done One of my favorite comic books

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Awesome review. Totally adding this to my pull list.


@Vroom if not all of it, it’s at least most of it. They added a lot to the collection in the last month or so.

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Absolutely fantastic run. It’s what really got me into comics.

Keep reading! Moore’s run doesn’t even hit its peak until a few issues after Constantine’s introduction. The American Gothic storyline that follows is one of the best arcs ever written and easily the best thing he’s ever written.

And yes Vroom I am 95% sure its all on here including the single annual.

Just as the Onion had joked years ago, I actually would read this run of SWAMP THING in the basement after a domestic squabble, though I also had chicken to add sustenance to my reading. Get into the Zone!

The Moore Swamp Thing run is truely amazing. Honestly I only read maybe 4 or 5 issues of it that I didn’t enjoy, but that’s a damn good ratio. When you get to the end of the run, it gets a bit crazy…but if you stick with it, it’s still pretty good. The ‘birth’ of the character of Constantine is brilliant… I also really loved how much Phantom Stranger, Zatanna, Deadman and Etrigan are involved…

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