Swamp Thing (2019) Tribute Artwork

“There’s been a shift in the balance of the light and the dark.” Here’s a tribute digital art piece for the phenomenal new DC Universe show Swamp Thing ! This was painted in Adobe Illustrator on the iPad Pro had a lot of fun with this.


I love your style. It looks like it’s ready for an animated film. If you post the image on Discord you can “Open Original” then use that URL to post on here.


Love this art. Beautiful looking piece. Has a very Justice League Unlimited vibe to it. Love the colors as well. Thanks for sharing. Illustrator is a fun program. Hope it was OK to post this for you. Everyone should see it.


I really, really hope it OK I post this. If not, notify a MOD and they can remove. I love the style and your coloring on all these pieces. How about this one from the same artist?


Absolutely-thanks so much @jvfann for posting it! I was definitely going for the classic B:TAS /JLU vibe to it. Many of the cast seemed to like it from sharing on social media which is awesome. I may follow up with a full blown cast one soon. How were you able to post it though? (Let me know I’d be happy to share some more fan art pieces.)

Illustrator is indeed fun, and awesome. Appreciate the share!

Or this one. Really, really nice work here. Kudos! And really, my apologies if you didn’t want it shown, but this is something that can really be enjoyed here.


Of course jvfann you can share my DC themed pieces on here-I feel many people will get to enjoy these! Appreciate it there.

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@agesek…I love Illustrator. One of the first commercial graphic arts programs I learned. Maybe even before you were born as I first learned on Illustrator 3.0 on a Mac 25-30 years ago. Also Adobe Photoshop…one of the creators Kevin Johnston is someone I’ve known for a long, long time. Really, again, feel free to post more work. Fun to look at and I don’t have to do a lot of digging if I can just see it here.

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@agesek…To post pictures here you probably need a picture host. There are many good ones. Imgur, Imgbb, photobucket…there are a lot. I personally use Imgbb. Its free, create an account. Upload the pictures.

What I do is…1. View the picture. It will have a url of something like “https:username.imgbb.com”
2. Important part - Open the picture in a new window. The link will have a url that reads something like “https://i.ibb.co/1Jh9YcX/phantasm.jpg

Now you can copy that link and paste it in the drop area here on DCU. I’m sure there are better ways, it just works for me.