Swam Thing Production halted early

I hope we get an official response from DC Universe on this. I’d hate to think they are already trimming and cutting content.


There could be multiple reasons for the shut down. Titans shortened its first season and still got a season 2 order so it isn’t necessarily doom and gloom. The article I read mentioned they were rewriting the ending so maybe they just weren’t happy with the planned season finale.

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one article I read

Slashfilm.com is now reporting it with the deleted Instagram post of one of the cast members. It doesn’t sound good but I’m still hoping for the best…

Slashfilm added an update…

“Update: /Film has confirmed with a source close to production that though Swamp Thing‘s episode reduction was made for creative reasons, the series will still premiere on DC Universe on its original date of May 31.”

Creative reasons could mean a lot. But it’s possible that Warner was just not happy with how the show was turning out, or it was going over budget or the like which wouldn’t necessarily be as bad of news for DCU as people think. Hopefully we will get some kind of announcement from DCU or Warner soon though.

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After what the titans episode Cut did I am less then enthused

This is very disheartening, they screwed up the ending of Titans doing this.

Well, they have obviously been struggling with subscribers, lack of. Not a good sign for the future of this app.

The PR is so important, DC just got another bloody nose.

Oh here we go! The moment there’s a slight hiccup, everyone starts saying the sky is falling.

Things happen production-wise. That’s true of every show and movie. If they’d outright cancelled the show or said they were gonna ship it around to other networks, then I’d be worried. But the show is still gonna premiere here in May.

I think we should all take a step back and breathe.

Yea…hang on a second, and pump the breaks…I don’t think this spells woe and calamity here. It’s not great news, but as with everything on social media and this ‘flash fire’, spread of click bait titles… this could be over reported by a mile. Cutting a season sort a few episodes doesn’t mean it’s going to end the series and no I don’t think “DCEU IS DOOMED” now… There’s a lot of this that is just ‘infered’ by a quote or line. I’ll wait until we get an actual report or press release from WB


The loss of three episodes isn’t a gaffe.

When the shows start to stink and the powers that be start changing this and that, kiss it good bye.

Cutting 3 episodes could also mean they can rewrite episode 10 into a proper season finale, and use the extra money on better special effects in post production. This could end up being a good thing.

My guess is the corporate heads didn’t like what they saw and cut the season. My understanding was that this was going to be more in the horror genre, that’s music to my ears. We need more subscribers and that’s not very likely with Disney + coming out in the Fall.

Bad publicity on the show before it even drops on an up and coming streaming service fighting for subscribers in an increasingly crowded field. That is how outright naive some of these corporate heads are over there at the WB.

Holy speculation, Batman! There are a LOT of assumptions going on here that are news to me!

We’ve posted an update in the Watchtower section of the forums with the official word. Copy/pasted here for your convenience:

"We have some updates to share regarding the details of the upcoming DC Universe Original Series, Swamp Thing. We remain as excited as ever for the thrills and chills to come, but we would like to share a few notes regarding the series and DC Universe:

:seedling:Swamp Thing is still set to release on 5/31 on DC Universe.

:seedling:Swamp Thing’s first season will run for 10 episodes, versus the previously announced 13 episodes. This was made for creative reasons, and do not reflect the future of DC Universe.

:seedling:What DOES reflect the future of DC Universe are our recent exciting announcements, including the launch of our service on the highly requested Xbox One, as well as the expansion of our comics library from 2,500 titles to over 20,000.

:seedling:We continue to thrive beyond all our wildest expectations, and are incredibly excited to keep building a platform for fans, inf ormed by fans.

This is all the information we have at this time, but stay tuned! We’ll be continuing to talk all things Swamp Thing, from comics to figures to screen, in the weeks ahead! :blush:"


Remember that Titans had its first season shortened, and it’s already gearing up to release a second season. Try not to give into the standard practices of the chicken littles out there. I like to think we’re all a bit cooler than that :sunglasses:


@Applejack : Apple, I just watched the Swamp Thing teaser, and it looks Great! Keep up the good work. I’m planning on buying one of my Grandsons the service for his birthday, anyway to block Doom Patrol, he’s to young for that show. By the way I love Doom Patrol, Cliff is my favorite.

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I saw the trailer, Swamp Thing looks awesome with the glowing red eyes. Best case scenario the season is a hit and with the numbers and views we get a 2nd season assuming this is as good as the teaser looks.

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