Survey: Which View Do You Prefer for Community Events Calendar?

Hi, everybody!

We are slowly but surely starting to implement design changes across Community 2.0 based on the feedback we’ve collected over the past few months. Thank you all so much for all the thoughtful, detailed, and screenshotted suggestions you’ve provided! From now until the end of February, you’ll be seeing significant improvements to navigation, look, and feel.

One of our top priorities is improving the individual activities in our Community Events section, home to our clubs and most vibrant live interactions. To begin our journey with a small step, we’d like to know:

Which of These Calendar Views Do You Prefer?

  • Monthly View (current default)
  • Weekly View
  • List View

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Thank you again for all of your feedback!


I like List the most because ultimately I want to easily see what every club is doing that week. However, I’d rather have a weekly list with timed events (one day events) being listed seperately from book clubs because book clubs take up more space on the listed view.

Ideally something like:

World of Bats

  • Casefile: Zero Year
  • Main: Batman: Year Two

DCU Book Club

  • Robin: Year One

Superman Book Club

  • The death of Clark Kent


Then I as a reader can see each clubs reading in an organized fashion.


Seems like the list view is winning, as I do too. The other ones are too “busy” textually.


The list view look alot better in my opinion, easy to read, and alot better list as well.:slightly_smiling_face:


The list view is easier to read and understand.


Unpopular opinion: While the monthly view is cluttered, the graphic representation is very helpful as a club member for prioritizing which content to look at, so the weekly view would definitely be my preference over the list view.


drops a Gummy DeMilo in the List View bucket


As soon as I saw it, List view got my vote


Oh, list view is WAY more useful!


List view please!


I’m with you on that @JeepersItsTheJamags. When I look at the calendar I am trying to answer two questions:

  1. What’s happening today?
  2. How much time do I have left to participate in a club?

The list view answers 1 easily, but answering 2 will take a lot of scrolling and mental gymnastics.

I hope we can have both views. Today we can click a button to see all three views of the calendar.


Luckily, we don’t lose ANY of the views! What change this will effect is which view the calendar defaults to when you look at it; but the three options to toggle between will still be available in the upper right corner :smiley:


I thought about being ornery and voting for weekly, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I mean, from my understanding, that’s how they got Brexit! So I went with the list view, seems the easiest to read.


Cool! Thank you

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I have no idea where to find anything resembling a calendar as the community portion of this app is one of the most confusing, jumpy things to navigate.

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It’s under the Community Events section under the pinned post helpfully entitled, “Community Events Calendar.” :catwoman_hv_3:

For quick reference, try this link:

May I ask what platform you are using? Mobile has a lot more challenges than Desktop, but we are currently iterating on improvements and would love to hear any more feedback you have.

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