Surprising Lack of Content

I got a year of this because I’m a fanboy. I’m shocked at how little content there is. No CW shows, no DCEU movies, only a tiny fraction of the animation. Can somebody tell me what the plans are for adding content? This is really underwhelming.


As soon as licensing allows it, you will see it here. No matter the show or movie. This rule has some exceptions like the CW shows, which may appear on the WarnerMedia streaming service.


If you are just looking at this app as a video service then yeah I can see you point but this app is so much more than that. For me the comic section makes DCU well worth it’s price.


Yeah. I’m only subscribed to Action Comics, Aquaman, and Shazam on ComiXology and am not a ComiXology Unlimited member. Other than Daredevil all my comics are DC. So I can use this app to keep up with my Hawkman and JL and whatnot. I’m not saying the app is a ripoff. I’m just saying I am surprised. DC has like 90 animated movies, and Batman, Superman, JL animated series, you could make an app out of the cartoons alone. Where they at? And like where’s Superman 2-4? And for crying out loud, where is the DCEU? It’s just empty without Patty and Zaddy.

Supermans II-IV were here. They left on January 1st along with assorted animated movies.

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Those of us that have been here since day one have seen more content added monthly, more recently weekly. So stick around if you,re a fanboy, the service is still in its infancy.


Are you sure you don’t find it just “whelming”? Lol. I think they would pull in the CW stuff if they could, but there may be contracts with Netflix or the CW’s own site at play. Frankly, I’m worried they will try to make this the exclusive platform to the detriment of every Netflix-subscribing DC fan. Access to B:TAS or the old Justice League stuff is nice, if I hadn’t already watched it all to death on less legal sources years ago. I suppose the irony is that the people likely to sign up for this are DC freaks, but the content posted works best if you had some kids who had never watched any of these shows before. I did the trial and have bought a month basically for Young Justice, though I also binged Titans. Now that I have more than a week, I’d like to explore the comic book end of things, although I’m somewhat invested in Comixology at this point. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes some time for them to get the ball rolling here. They don’t want to invest too much into something that may be a flop.

Cw has rights to cw shows they are on there app free? I think and on Netflix.

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CW has their own app. I don’t think its smart to pull them from CW app.

WB may put all shows under one umbrella or package. Let’s see in year 2020.

The DCEU films most likely won’t be here for a while. After a movie has it’s run in theaters, digital video retailers(Amazon, Vudu, Comcast, and such) get access to sell it the first two weeks before physical release, then various streaming services(in the case of WB, that’s always HBO) have exclusive rights to broadcast it up to a year before it reaches a cable network(TNT usually), and then, only then, can a streaming service(like this one) be eligible to pick it up for a limited time.