Surprise Milestone Comic

It looks like we have been duped in thinking Superman is the first hero to receive a series with a thousand issue run. Somehow, the Gold trophy belongs to a hero who had a little Boost to reach issue one million!
That’s right, according to the comic section, there is a Booster Gold #1,000,000 to read.
Although, once you click on the comic to preview or download it, it says issue 99.
Oh well, one could hope for such a strange phenomenon.


Lol! Funny take on that. There are a bunch of books that fell into that DC One Million story arc. I bought the Omnibus and is a bear to try and read, its so big. Not sure how many pages, mot numbered, but about 2.5" thick. Maybe one day they’ll add the series here (4 books) along with all the tie-ins.

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Oops. Double post. Sorry about that.

That’s a different cover for the DCOM Omnibus than the usual one by Ryan Sook. Is that promotional art for it or cover art from a subsequent printing? I know it’s the art from the JLA: One Million trade but I’ve not seen it on the omnibus.

What I want to know is when are issues 20-999,999 going to be on here. Come on, they said they were going to have more complete runs, that is a bigger gap then Superman has… what gives DCU!!!



When’s Reign of the Supermen going to be here?


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@vroom the reign of Superman has been on here since Jan 29 2019 u never pay attention

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I tried to take a picture and post that, but had issues making that happen. The one on my omnibus is different also. That picture came from

Here is one I found that is like mine.