Supra Short Notice Watchalong 26 April 7:30PM ET/4:30PM PT Superman: The Animated Series S3E7

With the month of April focusing on Sinestro, The Psychology of Supervillians club has recommended as video resources:

This coming Sunday, that Green Lantern episode will be in the queue for its current ongoing watchalong where I anticipate my participation, including its previous episode.

But before that! Please join me for a supra short notice watchalong of Superman The Animated Series: S3 E7 - In Brightest Day at 7:30 PM ET 26 April.

For any first timers to the watchalong phenomenon:

  • Watch Everything Skip Nothing - start at the very top from the WB logo and just let it play. This is to keep everyone as in sync as possible.
  • Best with two (2) devices - one to watch what is to be watched along and one for reading/posting the associated thread (this one)
  • Any questions can be directed to myself or the mod(erator) of your choice.

Start time in your local timezone:

Yes. Sorry if that wasn’t clear. It was more about a successful addition to the calendar.

One day, three hours, twenty-two minutes

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about 10 minutes before showtime

As someone who has never seen this show before, I’m hoping it being into season 3 doesn’t mean I’ll be hopelessly lost with various characters and plot lines.

five minutes



Olsen has an almost mullet

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The DC logo on the rejection letter.

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Dang Kyle, nice aim

Lois is such an obnoxious and oblivious b!tch.

It was the Lois of the time(s)

Meanwhile, said bogey…

Gotta love pocket dimensions. :smiley:

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Now Supes will have to be the landing crew for all space missions

Choose the poodle!!! darn.

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this ring is kind of a d-bag



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How does it go through the dudes paper and gooses the elevator lady, but doesn’t break the glass on the planet building.

Love the CrakerJacks reference

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And he never washed his hands.

Obi-wan it, nice

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