Support Ticket: Closed

I made a ticket about a glitch DCI had in regard to advertising when I would be subsequently billed - the agent never adequately explained nor answered my question sufficiently. They also closed my ticket and ignored further dialogue. Is this how DC treats the loyal customers that signed up on day one? It doesn’t make me feel valued nor wanting to stay. I know this won’t exactly move the needle along for me and my issue but I just need to at least bring the unprofessionalism to the spotlight. A ticket should not be closed when there were still questions being asked that went ignored and the issue unresolved.

Hey there Esaul,

I’m sorry to hear about your experience with the issue you reported. Our Customer Support team may not have been able to provide a lot of information about the glitch in question, especially if they weren’t previously aware of it or didn’t have enough to draw conclusions from at the time. Please also keep in mind that the development and support teams are different; customer support may very well not have had the specific answers you requested simply because it’s outside of their field, though the information was likely passed along to developers.

Nevertheless, we always appreciate the assistance in bringing any bugs within the DCUI platform to light so that they can be escalated to the appropriate teams for resolution.

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