In the words of Freddy Freeman, “If you could have one superpower, what would you pick?” I personally would choose energy manipulation. It’s been my favorite power since I was a little girl. I wish more characters had that power. It’s also one of the reasons I like pre-Captain Marvel Carol Danvers ( she has the same powers, but I don’t like the characterization.)

I also want to know the power that you would hate to have. Mine is plasticity. I just realize this recently when Rita used her powers in Doom Patrol. At first I thought it was the CGI until I saw an ad for the current Ms. Marvel in a modern marvel book and an ad for Fantastic Four in a 2007 Ms. Marvel comic. I drew the line when I read Civil War and Reed was sleep in one panel (when Sue is leaving him) and his arms were stretched out and he was hugging himself. It seriously creeps me out and I am going to loss it when Rita start using her power regularly on Doom Patrol or if DC creates a live action Plastic Man.

So wants the power you would love to have and the one you would abhor having and why.

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Time manipulation for me, or immortality.

I’d take a power to GRANT immortality (including to myself). I don’t want to die but also wouldn’t want to spend eternity alone.

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