Supermans parents knew that different light for certain stars would affect Kryptonian biology in various ways, but chose not to share it and decided to live as mortals until their race and planet went extinct

Hey, this type of light could turn us mere citizens of the planet Krypton into God’s, MEH. Goes about daily life, as does every other potential scientist that might have studied the same thing. And did nothing

Gods, not God’s

Oops, grammar. That might be something to throw in the suggestions section, editing posts after

:grin: As I understand it, in my favorite versions of the story anyway, Kryptonians knew their planet was dying and probably even knew about yellow stars giving them power, but weren’t even concerned with saving themselves. They had the technology to leave, they had spaceships, but they wouldn’t even consider leaving Krypton even, because they were a culture that had stagnated to the point where they didn’t want to ever leave their planet.

Hmm, now that you mention it, that does sound about right. Stagnation in essence. I think there was a variation in the '52 reboot where Krypton was at war with one of the sister planets in its solar system? I think the gravity of Krypton prevented space travel until the last moment, but in the '52 reboot, not sure if that was an issue.