The most common set of initials for Superman’s friends and enemies is LL.
Who can you guys think of?



-Lex Luthor
-Lionel Luthor
-Lena Luthor
-Lana Lang
-Lori Lemaris


Vroom’s list plus Lois Lane


Linda Lee
Lois Lane
Lori Lemaris
Lesla Lar
Lex Luthor
Lana Lang
Lena Luthor
Lionel Luthor
Lilian Luthor
Lucy Lane
Lara Lor-Van

Are those I can think of right now but there are probably lots more.


Oh Shazbot on a cracker, how could I forget Lois and Lara?

It’s early :wink:

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you guys are great! i could only think of a few–
lois lane
lex luthor
lana lang
lena luthor

Lena was a real pickle in the Forever Evil mini as well as last night’s Superhero Girls.

What’s Superhero Girls???

DC Superhero Girls is a show about a few of DC:s heroines attending high school, building friendships and fighting villains.

The first incarnation was headed by Shea Fontana and had a huge roster of heroines (too large for me to account, even turning traditional villains like Ivy and Harley into heroines). The main series are freely available on youtube. It also had a few best-selling comic arcs, animated movies and Lego movies attached to it.

The incarnation mentioned above just premiered on Cartoon Network and stars Supergirl, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Jessica Cruz, Zatanna and Bumblebee. It is headed by Lauren Faust (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic). The new series posts shorts for free on youtube, but the full series is only available on Cartoon Network and online video distributors. To my knowledge, no movies or comics have yet been announced for the new series.

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Lois and Lucy Lane
Lana and Laura Lang
Lori and Lenora Lemeris
Lex Luthor
Lena Luthor
Linda Lee

That’s all I got.

@Coville, thanks for letting me know, but now I’m disturbed by the fact that Wonder Woman and Super Girl were the same age. How did that even happen???

They are not, I think Wonder Woman is 317 years old or something in DCSHG. But the Themiscyrians age slowly and she is as naive as a child to the ways of Man’s World, so she sort of equates to a teenager human.

Wow. That’s a lot.

That is a very interesting observation, @Haru!

On Smallville Tess Mercer’s real name was Lutessa Luthor.

Lutessa is a nice name

There was also Lyla Lerrol.

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Good addition, Eagle, I thought Lyla Lerrol, the beautiful Kryptonian actress, was forgotten. Superman had a torrid love affair with her in issues 141 and 189 back in the Silver Age. Let’s see there’s also Lightning Lad, Light Lass, and Lightning Lord (all siblings) from the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Oops, forgot one important “real-life” LL–Noel NeiLL–the first live-action Lois Lane.

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Lori Lemaris

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