Superman Year One: Book 2 Review

This book was a great follow up to the first. The large spreads of underwater creatures and landscapes were beautifully done.

The military angle was great–it showed how Clark developed a love of America, learned more about he struggles of his fellow man, but at the same time how the experience taught him that his mission was different from that of a soldier. I think the Atlantis story is also a set up for him to learn about the kind of leader he really wants to be too.

Very well done character exploration!


I love how frank is spending his time with young Clark Kent building and developing his character.

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Agreed on the positive reviews. Without giving away too much, was nice seeing Clark discover his innate aversion to killing, in a way I wasn’t really expecting. I also like how the writing style shifts from first person to third person almost on a whim…kinda keeps you on your toes while reading. Hope they decide to take it beyond “Year One”.

Question: Superman on Miller’s variant covers is bulky with a more traditional shaped S shield compared to Romita Jr’s trimmer take with the triangular shield. Sign of things to come, or just different styles? Probably the latter.


I think that the Miller ones are all images of “grown up” Clark/Superman

Does anyone know when it’s going to be available to read on here?

@ggunders82, could be. Would be interesting to see if they decide to continue the story.
@psychoque, probably not for another year, given that DCU is a year or so behind the current comics. That is if they decide to include Black Label books.

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