:superman: ⚔ Superman: Warworld Apocalypse (On-sale 8/30; Spoilers Allowed) ⚔ :superman:

Phillip Kennedy Johnson’s highly-acclaimed, fan-favorite Warworld Saga from the pages of Action Comics comes to its thrilling conclusion in the Superman: Warworld Apocalypse one-shot, available at better comic shops starting today, August 30th.

Here’s a look at the covers for the mag:

A/main cover, by Steve Beach.

B cover, by Mario Focillo (my preferred cover, as it has a great fantasy vibe to it and it highlights many key characters from the Warworld Saga).

C cover, by Steve Beach (same as the regular cover, but with a distressed appearance and different cover copy).

D cover (1:25), by Mikel Janin.

If you’re new to the Warworld Saga, you can check out the very beginnings of it right here:

Warworld Rising (the lead-in to the Warworld Saga), part 1:

The beginning of the Warworld Saga itself:

Which cover of Superman: Warworld Apocalypse are you picking up, and…what are your thoughts on the book? Was it a satisfying conclusion to the Warworld Saga?


This morning I read the Warwold issues available on DCUI so far, and I have to say I am completely engaged with every aspect of the story. I have no clue how it will all be resolved. So far, this reads to me as the ultimate Superman test, painted in very deep world building. I cannot wait to see what happens next and with every issue until I get to read the finale. It will be a long wait.


Didn’t know this thread existed. Was an epic issue all around. Posted my thoughts here: