Superman vs the Elite

How does this portrayal of Superman compare to the version you hoped for and/or envision every adaptation to strive to meet?
Anything in particular you liked about this version?
Essentially, this thread is to discuss Superman and the movie.

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This movie is a fantastic depiction of Superman. How he thinks, what he struggles with, and a really good showing of his power.

Tbh, WB & Co. could’ve easily adapted this story into a stand alone MoS sequel that directly takes place after MoS and it would fit right in.

My favorite lines are:
“I finally get it. Thank you… I made the mistake of treating you people like, people. Now, I understand better… I understand now what the world wants, what it NEEDS. The world needs people in charge, willing to put the animals DOWN!” [raises a whirlwind that’s five hundred miles a minute on the Elite] —Superman

They saw the ugliness of violence as a solution and it frightened them. It frightened me too when I decided to cross that line and do what you do. It’s so easy. Anger, vengeance. Luckily, I’m not you. And I never will be. —Superman

Manchester Black: You think that’s it? It’s not over, you poncy twit. If you think I’ll just go to jail and rot, you’re living in a dream world!

Superman: Good. Dreams save us. Dreams lift us up and transform us into something better. And on my soul, I swear that until my dream of a world where dignity, honor and justice are the reality we all share, I’ll never stop fighting. Ever.

My favorite durability feat:
When Clark tanks a direct shot to the face from Coldcast that equaled 15 exploding suns.

… as you can tell, this movie holds a special place in my heart.


I agree. I did have an issue with how he treated Atomic Skull though. In the beginning, Superman threw him across buildings, where, unless by some miracle, a few people either received injuries or died. I like to think that the Christopher Reeve Superman wouldn’t be that violent and send Atomic Skull to a deserted area for that.

Then, when Manchester Black was about to kill Atomic Skull, Superman- with both Super Speed and faster thought processes- should have been able to piece together what he was going to do and save Atomic Skull in time.

While he did have honorable moments like wanting to fight the Elite away from people, I still think Superman had more peaceful options he could have taken throughout the entire film.

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I rented the movie for probably around the 5th x from my local library maybe 3yrs ago? The librarian knew me by name, as I came in weekly & rented the same DC movies repeatedly. This time she said (not verbatim) “ you know what?, you can go ahead & keep this. It’s so dirty & I need to order a new one anyways.” It wasn’t dirty lol. She was just being nice. I’ve owned it since then, but I haven’t watched it since I got this app. The screen mirroring on my Apple TV thru this app just looks way better. I can’t wait to watch it on this app now. My comments on it. I love this movie as I do all DC animated movies. The take on ending criminals instead of putting them in jail always made sense to me. Speaking in the comic world only. I think Superman became conflicted in thinking, maybe this is the way? like I did. However, after finally seeing it, both me & Supes realized iii wasn’t the right path to go. I loved how he proved it in front of a live audience & convinced me as a reader, & the characters in the comic world, his way was superior.


That’s a nice librarian =)


I know Vroom. I said are u sure? I probably thanked her more then if someone said here’s a new car for u. Definitely felt vindicated as I’m a giver & would give my last penny to a stranger in need. My philosophy is green paper is pointless in the grand scheme of things. Unfortunately, that’s not the way the world works & I suffer for it.


I don’t care about money going into my bank account, but I usually try to be careful when it tries to leave. Unfortunately, I sometimes have a blue pixie or something from Harry Potter that tries to make me buy things that I later wish I didn’t. But, I could receive a paycheck of a dollar or a hundred dollars, and that part doesn’t bother me.

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This movie, and the book it is based on, quickly went to my favorites list. I actually agree with Manchester Black. How many people have died and will continue to die due to Superman’s unwillingness to do whats necessary? They kill, lock them up, they escape, rinse and repeat.

Having said that, the part with the kids playing superhero and the one playing Superman wanted to be a different “hero” so he could kill… That got me in the feels.

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If villains were locked up in a labyrinth- style prison, then maybe they would not be able to escape. One day, they may be placed near a garden; then, in the next minute, the garden rotated to become ocean.

This idea could be created because if restaurants can rotate while you eat, so could prisons.