Superman vs Doctor Manhattan

Do you think they dropped the ball on the actual fight between the two. I think it would have been awesome to have the fight between the Superman & JL vs dr. Manhattan! Then do the Superman talk to Manhattan. What do you think or wish what would have been done!

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I think they were going for more of an idealogical tussel. Manhattan a being with tremendious power which he then sees as placing him above people and their problems & Superman a being with tremendous power which he sees as a reason for a moral responsibility to intervene and help people with there problems. I think it was realy well done. Manhattan fights are kinda booring anyway he just stands there holds up his hand and people explode.

Any physical fight w/ Manhattan would be pointless since not even Superman would be able to do anything against his power. It was a lot smarter having them engage in a philosophical battle since they’ve both got interesting points to make and Superman has even more ground to stand on there

Overall the series seemed more bark tthan bite, the “battle” between Supes and Dr. Manhattan especially. Favorite part was with The Joker, the Mime and Marionette

No, I loved the way it was done. For the whole series, Manhattan can see the coming confrontation and can only see two outcomes- he destroys me or I destroy everything. It never occurs to him that Superman would save him.

But I didn’t need this- to me, Morrison had already done ‘What would it be like if Superman met Dr. Manhattan’ and did it better. In Final Crisis: Superman Beyond #2, they have this exchange-

Perfectly sums up the difference between the two.