Superman Videogame.

Trilogi of The Last son of Krypton. Character development, drama, action and suspense. Superman can be the hero we hope.

Regular Superman has always been way too overpowered for a video game, IMO. You can’t have a Batman: Arkham/ Spider-man PS4 style game with modern day Superman. He’d be too powerful, the world wouldn’t be big enough, Etc. Etc. But what if the Big Blue Boyscout got a Rocksteady game? Set it in the Arkham universe. And De-power Superman. Make him Golden Age Equivalent. He can jump far, but not fly, He’s faster then a Speading bullet, not faster then Barry Allen. He’s strong, but he can’t lift a moon back in to orbit. They can bring all of voice talent from the DCAU Cartoon, or at the very least Lex and Supes, like they did with Batman/ Joker. And his suit could be an updated version of the Coldwar Cartoon suit. With the black behind the S


Superman’s powers can be nullified with kriptonite, he can’t have powers without ultra violet sun rays. There are options to balance a story.

When Superman Returns came out, they did a very poor video game on Playstation 2 and XBox, but I’ve always thought that they did one thing right with it. They made the city’s health tie into whether or not Superman was defeated. This was an interesting flavor, and if done with the group that did the Arkham series or PS4’s Spider-Man, could be, dare I say it, SUPER-AWESOME!

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New trilogy, set in the Arkhamverse before Knight but after City. First game set 1 year after the Death and return it Superman, the Justice League disbanded after his death and so far have had no need to reunite. Lex is seemingly reformed and is running for president. Main Villain, Brainiac. Second game, set 4 to 5 years after the first. Lex is running for a second term shows signed of returning to form. Main Villain, Bizarro. Real main villain, Amanda Waller. Third game, 1 year after the 2nd. Loosely based on All Star Superman. Teams up with Lex to save the world. Main villain, Zod. Guest appearance from Bruce, Diana, Wally, and Hal. Leads into Justice League game.


It’d be too easy

Spider-Man(PS4) is easy,(hard) because they don’t care, all they care is about story-telling and character development. The’re Superman villains like Darkside,Metallo, Brainiac and Parasite that you’ll need brains as well as brawns to beat them.

All I want is a Superman game… make it happen DC

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Made by rocksteady

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Might be an unpopular opinion, but I greatly enjoyed the Superman Returns game that came out on 360 and Ps3 YEARS AGO. The graphics were horrible, the storytelling crap, and little to no replay the value, for a sandbox game the city felt empty because there was nothing to entice you to explore and no side activities worth doing. The gameplay was great though! I actually felt like Superman, I could fly, use all the powers, the massive bosses were so much fun. First second in Metropolis I flew to the daily planet, ripped off the planet at the top and threw it (weirdly satisfying). I could throw a gas truck at enemies and hit it with heat vision just before impact and watch them all get set on fire. There were some great moments, that’s all it was though was moments. The game was over very quickly and I was just left feeling confused as to what I felt. It wasn’t even like the good Spider-Man games were you could have fun relaxing just swinging through the city cause there was a satisfying artful way of doing it that takes a little bit of practice and thought. You don’t get the same level of satisfaction from flying like Superman, It was kinda fun using my super speed to just run across the city instead though. Anywho I recommend it for anyone who has an old console lying around, I’m sure you could pick up the game for like nothing.

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Superman video game Superman vs the 5th dimensional entity mr. m mot spelling out that name sorry mr. m wants to eliminate Superman’s so he lists his enemies to help manipulating them with there there deepest fantasies

Folks, we’re overthinking this!

We already have a template for a Superman game…the Arkham series. After all, what is Detective Mode if not x-ray vision? You know those portions of the Arkham games where Batman can punch through weak walls? That’s super-strength right there. Gliding through the city is basically flying.

In terms of villains, this idea that Superman has no “good” villains or is ‘overpowered’ is insane. Lex Luthor, Bizarro, Brainiac, Mongul, Metallo, Parasite, Doomsday, Cyborg Superman, General Zod, The Eradicator, Livewire, threats from Apokolips like Kallibak or Darkseid, Mr. Mxyzptlk, and so on. You can even start a game with low-level threats like the Prankster or Toyman, and throughout the game build up to villains like Lex or Brainiac, constantly raising the stakes. These are villains with interesting powers and abilities. A lot of people don’t know about them because of this notion that he doesn’t have any good villains.

There are elements from former Superman games they can update and bring in. The flying in the Lego DC games and the aforementioned Superman Returns game (which I enjoyed depsite the repetitive enemies). Superman: Shadows of Apokolips was the first game I really felt like I was playing as Superman. You could lift heavy objects including cars, you had to save people and the flying mechanics weren’t too shabby. It was done in the animated series style and was fantastic. The only drawback was people assuming it was a port of Superman 64, which it wasn’t.

But how do we handle the Clark Kent portions of the game? I’m glad you didn’t ask! We can treat the Clark Kent sections almost like a stealth mode where you have to investigate either an area or a story. You go around using your super hearing and x-ray vision but you also have to make sure people don’t spot you using your powers. And you can’t just change into Superman during these portions. You have to use designated areas, be they an alley, a room or even an occasional phone booth (kind of like areas where Batman can change his suits in the Arkham games but you don’t have to go to the cave to do this. It’s a part of the map in the game just for the Clark portions)

If you must insist on de-powering him you can use Parasite to drain his powers earlier in the game, use Metallo or Lex with some sort of kryptonite poisoning or have Brainiac or Mongul temporarily turn the sun red.

There is unlimited potential for good Superman games. I think the issue comes down to the developer’s perception of the character and giving up before really thinking about it. You need to find people who not only enjoy Superman but can integrate those elements into a video game, making them work.