Superman TV series

I want a new Superman series on DC universe don’t bring it to the Cw let it stand alone

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I think Tyler Hoechlin would be great in it. Who would you choose to play Superman in the series?

Matt Bomer could be good also.


In the dc universe or the cw…a new superman show would be awesome

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This would never happen in a million years but I feel like Tom Welling should come back And have a series of him as Superman. We saw him grow into Superman I would love to see him as Superman


I disagree they already have Superman and Lois Lane on the CW could turn it into its own show plus Tom welling never wanted to put on tights as much as I loved smallville Tom isn’t coming back to play Superman people need to more on already

Tom Welling & Michael Rosenbaum want to make a Smallville Animated Series if your interested in young clark kent/superboy in his high school years here 2 article.

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I agree with this animated smallville but saying Tom welling should be live action superman is getting old

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