Superman The Animated Series: Main Villian Poll

This Month I’ve been doing Superman The Animated Series, to celebrate the show coming to HBO Max and it’s in HD for the first time.:slightly_smiling_face:
Anyway which of these 2 villians do you guys consider as a main enemy to Superman in the series.

Lex Luthor: Sure he’s a main enemy in comics, on this show he appeared more then any villians, and would do anything to get rid of Superman!

Darkseid: With some appearance he can be just as deadly and a serious main enemy for Superman!

Who’s Superman’s Main Enemy in Superman: TAS?
  • Lex Luthor
  • Darkseid

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I pick Darkseid cause with a few appearance with great episodes, he can seriously be just as deadly for Superman. :slightly_smiling_face:


they are both iconic. but lex is more of a villain to superman in that he exists to oppose him


Darkseid wasn’t a looming presence over the whole series. Lex was. Plus, we have to keep this in mind: Lex is voiced by the villain from Highlander, whereas Darkseid is voiced by the villain from Highlander II. It’s really no contest.


Gotta go with Luthor here, every time. I’ll also say, I think this show has one of the more memorable versions of pretty much all the villains including the ones where normally they kinda blend into obscurity like Parasite and Metallo.


Yes! I think STAS really does a great job with both of these villains. They are legitimate threats when used well. I also really liked the creepy take on Toyman.


I gotta go with Lex. He was always in the background pulling the strings for villains like Metallo and Bizarro when he wasn’t taking on Supes firsthand.