:superman: ☄ Superman: Space Age Discussion (Spoilers; #1 debuts 7/26) ☄ :superman:

Acclaimed writer Mark Russell and equally acclaimed artist Mike Allred take Superman on a groovy and ginchy adventure as only they can in Superman: Space Age #1, debuting at comic stores on July 26th.

What are you expecting from this series? A supreme adventure for all time? A hip and hep tale that will put pep in your cape?

While we’re talking about Mike Allred’s latest work to star Superman, check out his covers for The Superman/Madman Hullabaloo, for they are indeed groovy and ginchy!

Trade cover:

If you’d like to celebrate 25 years of Mike Allred’s first Superman gig, you can do so right here:


I have… no idea what to expect.

From what I’ve read of Mark Russel’s writing (Superman vs Imperious Lex, some Flintstones), there’s quite a bit of satire and social commentary. His tone isn’t straight up comedy, but it’s definitely not overly serious either. The descriptions for this series make it sound like an epic tale, though. Not sure if that indicates a different tone, or a bigger stage.

Love the Allred art previews. Didn’t know much about him before this solicitation, but there’s a bold, streamlined quality to his work that I really like.


That satire and commentary are especially evident in this series:

A DC You favorite of mine, and a sorely underrepresented mini in general. Try it out, @moro. You might like it.


Mark Russell always delivers a solid story and I love me some Mike Allred, so I’ll be getting this one.


It’s almost here!

Super excited.


Superman: Space Age has really caught my interest. Look like a great book to read.:grinning:

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Space Age #1 is my Book of the Week pick for next week, that’s for sure.

It may be 10 bones an issue, but look at it this way:

That’s 10 clams for multiple pages of Mike Allred art, which is always worth spending some bread on, given how fantastic his art is.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Space Age ends up as one of 2022’s grooviest minis, daddy-o. :sunglasses:

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Today’s the day, as #1 is on store shelves right now.

Grab a copy and then share your spoiler-filled thoughts below! :superman_hv_3:

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Was… quite fantastic. Feels like the opening act in an epic, decades spanning movie. Love the ending with the creation of the Justice League. Writing is a lot more serious in tone than I expected (good thing), and the art is amazing. May expand on my thoughts later :slightly_smiling_face:.

Side note: Anybody else get Forrest Gump vibes? Not the character, but all the 60s historical stuff and the narration reminded me of the movie. Maybe it’s just me and my silly head.


I’m not crazy about the art but I enjoy this immensely regardless.

This gave me some Richard Donner superman vibes and if they were ever going to make a JL movie set in that time period, this is how I will do it.


Some additional thoughts (mild spoilers ahead):

  • There’s some deconstruction here: Clark trying to find his place in the world, and butting heads with Jonathan a bit about saving the world, only to find that the world may be self destructive in its own right. I imagined some fans would be up in arms about it, especially with the Jonathan’s WWII story, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.
  • Superman action is there and serves the story well, but it is definitely not a focal point, at least not yet. Curious to see where they go with it next issue.
  • This page was fantastic; cue the John Williams score:
  • Was cool to see Jor-El training Clark on how to use his powers in the fortress.
  • Linking this story to COIE was brilliant. It kinda contextualizes US history within that of DC Universe continuity.
  • This was an interesting version of Lex. Equal parts the evil businessman we’re familiar with and Gene Hackman “criminal mind” with a dry sense of humor. Love it.
  • The 89 page length is something I really enjoyed. Don’t like the 2-month wait until the next book though. Oh well, better to get it right than to rush it!

Again, loved everything about this, and looking forward to what comes next.

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I just finally was able to pick this up and read it, and really enjoyed it. I liked Mike Allred’s art in this a lot more than I have in the past, especially how he draws the Anti-Monitor. I’m looking forward to seeing how he draws other more alien/fantastic characters in the next issues. I am intrigued by how this ties into mainline continuity, like what happened to Coast City (although I’m nervous that this will lead to Hal becoming Parallax :stuck_out_tongue: ). I also like this portrayal of Lex, since at the same time he seems more reasonable and almost friendly than he has when I’ve seen him in other places, but he’s also a lot more blatantly evil.


Literally reading this as I type (got behind in my reading, just a smooch :pinching_hand:t2:) and yeah, Space Age #1 is everything I want it to be: groovy, groovier and :superman:uper-ginchy, baby.

Speaking of Hal and his terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, have you seen this (now available at Walmart, as its exclusive to them):

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