Superman smashes the Klan

I dont like to go into big,critical analysis’ of funnybooks, just a simple “awesome”, “…or not”, BUT THIS BOOK! This is superman in his most purest form. This is everything SUPERMAN. Dont wait a year for it to show up here, just go get it. He smashes thru a brick wall and its FRIGGEN AMAAAAAZING!


Boodikhan knows what he is talking about. Superman Smashes The Klan is the heartbeat of comics. This is Superman being a super-hero in the purest form of the word’s definition.


Great book. Love the fact that it’s all ages. Thoroughly enjoying reading it to my 9 year old, who happens to be captivated by it.


I was thinking about checking it out. The art seems very childish/all ages but the 7.99 price tag has me hesitant. Maybe when it comes in trade? If my comic book shop has sales for FCD, maybe I’ll purchase the issues.

Would you say it is more nuanced than “racism is bad” ?


It’s SHOCKINGLY nuanced, but it’ll also satisfy you if you just want to see Superman punch out some horrible white supremacists.


It’s definitely without a doubt one of the best Superman story I’ve read in years.


A trade comes out in a monthish, check with your local library. Tell them about it, and they’ll put in on the shelf for sure.


Just read this whole story for the first time last night. Friends: I cried. Beautiful. Inspiring. Hilarious. Devastating. Powerful. Heartbreaking, and heartwarming. And just thoroughly lovely. This is Superman at his absolute best. A long overdue adaptation of perhaps the most important Superman story in history, by the only writer in comics today who could ever do it justice. A must have for any comic book, Super Hero, or Superman reader.


Funny enough, I never requested a book to be stocked at my library. Their Graphic Novel section is pretty bare bones as it is. I’ll have to look into that!

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Oh, that’s cool! Is it in anyway based on the radio series?

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For the most part…but not? It totally reads like an old radio serial would look if that makes sense.

If your library doesn’t have much in the way of print trades, you can look into Hoopla, which (if you’re unaware) is a digital program that libraries all over the country participate in. All you need to get started is a library card.

There are thousands of trades/original graphic novels from DC and the other publishers on Hoopla, with new releases added every Tuesday. Some publishers will release new single issues there as well.


Okay… I think that’s helpful.

Dude, i was mention that! Great way to read books if you live out of the way or your local library has slim pickens.

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If someone printed “Hoopla kicks ass!” t-shirts, I’d check one out.

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It is! It goes over a lot of the same story beats, but fleshes it out considerably.


I think it was a great thing. It really did help smash the evil men in white sheets.

You want to hear an interesting story about it. Mike Rowe does a podcast called the Way I Heard It and he does an entire episode based off of this.

Phenomenal, well worth your time. If you’re on this website in the first place, you’re extremely likely to fall in love with it.