Superman Secondus

For any fans of the old DC One Million story arc out there, does anyone remember the dynasty of Superman? I know JMS continued it a bit before the reboot just kind of wondering if we’ll ever get to see that first member of the family take the mantle. He was called Superman Secondus way back when, I always hoped it’d be Conner but now it’s looking like Jon will be the one.

Anyone else excited to see this and which of the Superboy’s (Jon or Conner) would you want it to be shouldering the weight of that cape?

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I don’t remember that offhand, but it’s been years since I read One Million in full.

As for who should next wear the cape, Jon all the way as he’s Superman’s son. Conner is great, but the upholding of the legacy is literally in Jon’s blood.

imagines a microscopic examination of Jon’s blood would show lil’ teeny capes and S-shields floating around

SN: That’s a joke kids. :slight_smile:

True, but Connor is also Clark’s clone, which would mean being Superman is literally in his DNA (microscopic investigation reveals Connor’s DNA strand is literally in the shape of an S-shield)

True too, but we also know the other half of Conner’s genetic stew too.

That said, it’d be a fun metaphorical middle finger to Lex if Conner did take over at some point.

Ultimately it’s a win/win either way.

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Okay, so I’m just gonna throw this out there (long shot that it is), but…
What about Christopher Kent?

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Oooooh good reference that I’d totally forgotten about!! Christopher Kent! It’s not in his DNA but he was such a unique character. The abused son of Zod and Ursa, lovingly adopted and raised by Lois and Clark! Not to mention his connection to the Kryptonian god Nightwing (not to be confused with a certain Gotham resident).

I would love to see a Game Of Capes lol where Jon, Conner and Chris compete for the mantle. They’re so unique, but each in their own ways have it in them to be that bridge between earth and the stars that the Superman dynasty is.


Lex owns all you pompous ingrates. Now where’s my power suit?

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Technically Conner is the heir to Lexcorp too! :stuck_out_tongue: