Superman’s Origin

I’ve started to realize how many times Superman’s origin has been told. I was starting to wonder, what are the 5 best. They can be elseworld. Just some form of Superman’s origin. Thanks.


Gods and Monsters

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Top five? Okay, this should be fun:

Secret Origin
Man of Steel by Byrne
Secret Identity
Elseworlds’s Finest
Earth Two

  1. Man of Steel (John Byrne)
  2. Secret Origin (Geoff Johns)
  3. Action Comics #1 (Siegel and Shuster) Because it was the first.
  4. Superman, Vol 1, #53 (Bil Finger & Wayne Boring) expanded Golden Age Origin
  5. Action Comics #500 (Martin Pasko, Curt Swan & Frank Chiaramonte) “The Life Story of Superman” A 64-page extravaganza of 40 years of Superman lore. This is truly one great Superman comic that every Man of Steel fan should read.
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  1. Superman The Movie
  2. Superman the Animated series
  3. Superman comics that first mention it.
  4. Smallville
  5. Man of Steel.
  1. For all seasons
  2. Birthright
  3. American alien
  4. Secret origins
  5. Man of steel

Is that in order?

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Yes, that would be my order.

Is it from best to worst or worst to best?

They’re all great, but its my countdown from 5 to 1.

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Oh I was ready to meme because I thought it was from best to worst, man of steel is my least favorite origin story. I prefer For all seasons kver secret origins, in fact I prefer For all seasons over all the superman origin stories(That i read at least)