Superman: Red Son trailer

The animation looks different than the rest of the dc animated movies they have done recently. Looks great so far.


I’ve really been looking forward to this. From the trailer, it seems they’ve kept a lot of the core story elements, while really embellishing the action sequences.

Still no word yet on an exact release date?


I think it’s spring. There are 3 animated movies due out this year, I think Red Son is first, and an original Superman story last (fall/early winter 2020), I don’t recall the third that is slated for late summer.


The third title was JL Dark Apokolips


Also awesome trailer. Can’t wait.

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This trailer was amazing! I’m blown away by how good it looks and can’t wait to see it. :heart_eyes:

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Disappointing. I was hoping that the animation would feel more Russian.


It looked so good. Judging by the entire history of DC animated movies (imho) I’m sure it will be rocksteady. Man I can’t wait.

I hope they keep the time travel ending.


I hope they don’t turn this movie into anti-communist nonsense.

To be honest this story was not one of my favorites. Not just because it is dated, a “What if” story of if the baby Kal-El had landed in Russia and not in Kansas. I recall when it came out as a motion comic. It was sort of depressing.

I take it you haven’t read the graphic novel it’s based on? Cause I feel like one of the biggest take-aways from the comic was that communism doesn’t work. Or more accurately, that people should be able to act independently and live with the consequences of their actions, not kept in a bubble and provided for by a higher power/ government.

At least, that was my interpretation.

I feel like you’re misremembering the book. While it makes sound critiques of stalinism, it never states that communism doesn’t work. People always go on about the bottle letter, but forget the next ten pages or so where Superman essentially gets Luthor to help enact full communism while making Luthor think it was his idea.


The only thing the bottle letter did, alongside the act of defeating brainiac and his frankly pessimistic view on socialism, was remind Superman that he needs to have faith in the people themselves. Self-determination is the endgame of full communism, guys.

So do you mean to say that the book is advocating for communism, or that true communism can only be achieved in science fiction?

I’d say the book looks at communism from the lens of Democratic Socialism and reasonably critiques the ideology. But never does it say that it can’t work. It’s an inevitability, friend. Hopefully in our lifetime, so we might both benefit.

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I mean, you’re right in that it can only happen in science fiction at the rate it did, but that’s really the only unbelievable bit about it.

I think the animation style is very similar, just improved. They seem to have been slowly working it out, making the quality of each movie better than the last.

Yes, that loop was my favorite part of the whole thing. Also, am I the only one who wanted a bit more lore?

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No, it never discredits communism, mainly it shows that the government cotrolling all brings unrest.