📻 Superman Radio Listen-Along 📻 Thursday August 3rd 9 pm ET The Disappearance of Clark Kent (1946) + The White Plague (1941)!

It’s time for the once-a-month Thursday Evening [Superman Fan Club] August 3rd 2023 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT / 8 pm CT:radio: Listen-Along :radio:, open to one and ALL!!!

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Two different radio stories
The Adventures of Superman Radio Show From late 1946, “The Disappearance of Clark Kent,” #1421-1423, ep 7-9, super trippy and weird sci fi!!


The Adventures of Superman Radio Show, #0219-220 - White Plague ep 6 & 7

Where : Right here on the forums! In this thread! In the comments!
When : Thursday August 3rd 9 PM ET / 8 PM CT / 6 PM PT / 5 PM MT
We’ll launch the audio recordings on queue.

What to queue and save to Youtube Favorites beforehand :

Superman Crusader Pep Ring

There are 2 recording of the episodes we will be listening to and discussing live as they occur here in this thread Thursday evening:

1st STOP : The Adventures of Superman Radio Show episodes #1421-1423 , “The Disappearance of Clark Kent,” ep 7-9. Jimmy Olsen receives an envelope from Clark Kent that state Kent is leaving, and he may never see Jimmy ever again.

It has been one week since Jimmy and the others read the mysterious letter from Clark. There is no news of his whereabouts until Doctor John Millicent, who had helped Superman in finding a way to detect Kryptonite and the Atom Man, calls Perry. He knows everything about Clark Kent’s disappearance. Unfortunately, according to Millicent, Kent may possibly be dead.

Youtube* (33 minutes) Adventures of Superman Radio Disappearance of Clark Kent 1946 ep 7 8 9 - YouTube

Video MP4 file on Google Drive : Disappearance of Clark Kent ep 7 8 9 1 pm.mp4 - Google Drive

Audio MP3 file on Google drive : Adventures of Superman 1421 - Disappearance of Clark Kent ep7 8 9 [1946-11-14-16].mp3 - Google Drive

2nd STOP : The Adventures of Superman Radio Show, “The White Plague” (June 1941 Episodes 6-7, #0219-0220. At a logging camp near the Big Beaver River up north that is owned by Walter Bartlett - a friend of Perry White’s, there has been some trouble. The loggers in the camp believe that its troubles are being caused by something called the White Plague. Any lumberjack that cuts down a tree whose roots are covered with snow will suffer the vengeance of the White Plague is the legend. Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen are now at the logging camp for a working vacation.

Youtube (22 1/2 minutes) Superman Radio White Plague Episodes 6 and 7 Summer 1941 - YouTube

Video MP4 file on Google Drive : Superman Radio White Plague Episodes 6 and 7 Summer 1941.mp4 - Google Drive

Audio MP3 file on Google drive : The Adventures of Superman White Plague 6 7.mp3 - Google Drive

All of the recordings for these Listen Alongs are also in this Youtube Playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY5lxO0toreKAZJk2lGhtc_cUou_SbNHv

*Please note that these are original recordings of the Adventures of Superman radio broadcasts from the time of World War II and a couple of years afterwards, 1940-1948. There may at times be statements about and representations of groups, nationalities etc that don’t have modern day sensibilities or awareness.
All Superman Radio Show episodes are public domain.
See you Thursday night!

:radio: Look, Up In the Sky!! :radio:


The White Plague continues to be one of the scariest things I’ve heard on Superman radio.


Everything is set now for the Listen Along today, see you then!

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I’ll be here to listen to the zaniness that are these audios. Looking forward to finding out what happens to Clark next.

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We’ll save a seat for you.

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Just checking in. How are you doing?

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Doing ok, just started a two week vacation hanging around town mainly. How about you?


Doing okay, except I’ve been fighting darned allergies this past week or so.

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Oh, sorry to hear. No ragweed here yet, but that’s why I am vacationing now, before it starts up here in Western NY.


Be aware Covid is on the move again, it can seem like allergies but with a fever.

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That’s probably the smart thing to do.

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I see 16 people beat us here to view this since I posted it earlier this afternoon, good for them!


2 minutes til launch.


I got it pulled up and ready to go :slight_smile:


Welcome neighbor!

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oh my 1 minute


Howdy ho! Glad to be here :wink:

Ok, let’s launch the Disappearance of Clark Kent, maybe he’ll show up sometime?

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At the end of this one, he will have been disappeared for 9 episodes. When do you give up and think a dude ain’t ever showing up again?

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