Superman: Man of Tomorrow

I’m watching this movie now and I’ve got to say it’s Awesome! It seems to be an origin story set in the future with Lex Luthor, Lobo and the Parasite. I’m not finished watching it, but I highly recommend it.


My favorite Superman movie to date next to Unbound!


It’s a real corker! I’m excited for it as a pace setter for the line going forward.


Agree with the sentiments here. Was a really good Superman movie, not light on neither action or characterization.


I saw the movie last night and to be perfectly honest I was unimpressed. Let’s start with the story, while good, sort of reminded me of Superman: American Alien, it was slow and dry in some spots. The plot was okay, if a bit redundant. We get that Luthor’s a bad guy, I just don’t see him making the decision that he did in the movie and screwing himself.
Also there was the animation. I admit it, I’m spoiled. Bruce Timm’s animated shows, the art of such movies as Batman: Bad Blood, Batman/Superman: Apocalypse, Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, Justice League: War, Flash Point and Justice league Dark has left me expecting a lot from DC animated movies. What we see in Man of Tomorrow isn’t bad art so much as what seems to be someone’s rough draft that they meant to go back later and improve upon. But like I said, DC has spoiled me. All in all not an awful movie. But I honestly feel they could have done better.

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