Superman & Lois to end with season 4

I’m not surprised with how the CW is changing their demographic and the budget cuts that will affect this new season, but it’s still a bummer none the less.

Superman & Lois was a wonderful show, giving us a unique take on the Superman mythos on TV. I’ve always found this series to be well written and sincere.

It joins both The Adventures of Superboy and Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman as a show that had a four season run. And like the aforementioned shows, this too will have a special place in my heart.


What a fantastic show. It’s probably my favorite Superman relating thing that has come out in recently. This show alongside MAWS (and hopefully Superman Legacy) has definitely helped create new Superman fans. I was always a fan of Superman but this show solidified Superman as my favorite Superhero of all time.


This is also the last superhero show on the CW as while Flash marked the end of the Arrowverse, this one will formerly end not just the Superverse but also the superhero genre itself on the CW.


A shame but I don’t think many are surprised. The show has been great and I am glad we got it and there is something to be said for it not wearing out it’s welcome. It is the last of the Berlanti DC shows on any channel/streaming service as far as I know, and if so it is a good one to go out on. Because while I know CW hasn’t been everyone’s cup of tea Berlanti probably did more to bring superhero TV shows to the forefront than possibly anyone and despite some misses cough Gotham Knights cough he has given us some great TV series such as Superman and Lois, Doom Patrol, Stargirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow (But I would argue all of them had a kind of charm of their own, even Gotham Knights).

Plan to enjoy the final episodes whenever they come out (the strike has to end sometime right… right?) and hoping even with the reduced budget it continues to deliver the great TV it has in the first three seasons.


not surprised, that it is ending so soon. I am surprised Lois and Clark only had a four-season run, for some reason I thought it was much longer.

Lois and Clark, was bit too much on the corny side for me back then but it was fun to watch.

This show had a lot of potential; It is weird that this show is getting tanked from CW. I find it weird anyhow.

I am surprised Flash lasted as long as it did along with Arrow, which I was always miffed it was never labeled Green Arrow and they did it tongue in cheek by coloring the word Arrow in green.

then that show DCs Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl had a decent run.

I gotta say though some of the choreographed fight scenes in all of these shows, were really cheesy, and not the Adam West good kind of cheesy. for me it felt like in some shows, that they were trying not to get hurt doing the stunts. The CG on the shows too seemed really mediocre, vs Fox and their animated shows, which makes me wonder what the budget was for DC shows on CW vs Fox animated shows. Seems like live action tv shows would be better than animated tv shows.


Gotham on Fox, those scenes didn’t feel half-baked or had a lack of funding.


In a way I’m glad the show run for a long time and hit diminishing returns. Arrow hit that around season six, The Flash hit that around season five, and Supergirl hit that around season four. When I said in the original post that it joins the ranks of The Adventures of Superboy and Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman in only having four seasons, that’s not bad company to be in. Four seasons means you got to spend a lot of time with these characters and you hit the sweet spot without things going sour.


As much as it breaks my heart to hear this news, I was also expecting this to be announced sooner or later. First Stargirl and now this.


I absolutely love Superman & Lois and I hope this last season doesn’t disappoint. It’s always the best shows that get cut short.



I’m glad Stargirl got a good sendoff, though.


Sad news. While I love Tyler Hoechlin as Clark/Superman, Elizabeth Tulloch just does not get enough credit as being the BEST Lois Lane, especially since Lois is arguably the most important DC character.

But also feels right with the Superman/CW era having Smallville being about his early years and Superman & Lois being about his “later” years being a father and whatnot.


Yeah, this is really sad news, but none of us can say we didn’t see it coming. With the restructuring over at WB and DC, the end of the Arrowverse, and the casting and budget cuts, the writing was on the wall.

I’m still glad we got four whole season out of this show. Superman and Lois was truly a diamond in the rough. A well-written, well-acted show in a sea of half-baked cash grabs.

I really hope the cast finds success in the future. Especially Tyler Hoechlin. That superman curse is real.


And end of an era for DC TV shows. With Doom Patrol finally wrapping up, all of the original shows from the old DC Universe are done ( unless Harley Quinn gets another season ). Also with Superman and Lois wrapping up, the CW shows will be done. We had so many shows for so long, now it seems like a drought is coming up.


Definitely the end of an era, but I’m glad we get a proper send off. This show has been truly special and I’m glad we got as much as we did, and it didn’t wear out its welcome like a few of the shows we did get.

That being said, I’m looking forward to the DCU shows that are coming out. Creature Commandos sounds like a lot of fun and I’m dying for that Booster Gold show.