Superman & Lois Controversy

Ever since Jon came out as bisexual in the comics, the showrunner seems to be very opposed to doing that in the show, almost insulting opposed. Some are even thinking Sarah’s storyline is in response to that.

Superman and Lois started shooting in September while the news of Jon being gay in the comics came out in October and the earlier scripts for Season 2 were written before as well. Sarah’s storyline couldn’t be in response.

Also I’d say let the show runners tell their story with Jon. Multiverse and different iterations of these characters can have them be different sexual orientations or portrayed by different ethnicities. If the idea for Jon’s character in the show is set then creatives shouldn’t feel the need or requirement to impede their vision because another version of the character is doing something else.


I can understand why people are making that argument, but I don’t quite think that’s the case. This version of Jonathan was always pretty different from what we’ve been seeing in the comics from Jon over the last few years, so in that regard it does make sense that the show wouldn’t necessarily follow the same character arc from the comics, though I’d certainly welcome it

I think my biggest problem so far is that Sarah’s camp kiss seems to fall into the trope of bisexual people cheating, which we’ve seen so many times before. While I’m glad to see the show finally getting into some LGBTQ+ rep (that’ll hopefully get much stronger w/ Natalie now in tow), I do wish this specific part had perhaps been handled differently


I just wish it was not so obvious.


He doesn’t even look like Jonathan in the comics, that’s Jordan lol. With the way the show is written, either of the sons being bi-sexual is hard for me to see as anything other than problematic. IDJ I just feel like they would make it… stupid.

Unfortunately sexually fluid women are allowed all over TV while Sexually fluid men seem to have more carefully crafted stories to avoid backlash from either side. Unless the man is effeminate. Take from that what you will.

The Bi-Kiss from Sarah is just to help normalize same sex relationships in this universe.


If the writers want to reveal Jonathan as Bi in future seasons to align with the comics, that’s their decision. If they want to keep Jonathan heterosexual, that’s their decision too.


I honestly believe that they’re not going to make Jon bi. The actor of Jon did say, “He’s most likely straight”. The Sarah surprise I think already threw a lot of people off. I know it surprised me, my jaw dropped thinking, “Are you kidding me, wtf happened to Jordan and Sarah”. There was no need for that. Another problem is that Superman & Lois might be dipping into that repetitive drama/soap opera type of romance between Sarah, Jordan, and Natalie. I’m sure y’all noticed how quickly Sarah opened up to Natalie by joining her to fix the car but took so long to get back to Jordan. I really hope that the series doesn’t make anyone gay or bi anymore.

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I saw it coming really early in the episode, and I hardly paid any attention.

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It’s a shame, isn’t it?

I am mildly disappointed. I am much more confirmed about Joker and Scarecrow teaming up right now.

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I don’t have a problem with anyone being gay or bi, it just feels like it’s only done to make relationship drama “juicier”

I’m not sure why anyone would think Jon kissing a girl would be in response to the comic version coming out as bi. Kissing a girl comes with that territory.