Superman justice league question?

Why wasn’t Superman a member of the justice league when the new series started in the late 80s and still wasn’t a member at least until the early 90s?

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Crisis on Infinite Earths demoted Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. In the case of Supes and Wondy, it kinda made sense in light of the full-on reboots they received. With Batman…eh…he was already on his second Robin even after the Crisis, so it’s a little more confusing to leave him off the roster. (The legacy Robins always ruin the reboots with their mere existence.)

If you’ll notice, though, both Hal Jordan and Oliver Queen were suddenly “old” (i.e. middle-aged) after the Crisis, while Superman and Batman remained their standard 30ish ages.

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I just read most of the man of steel omnibus so a lot of this makes sense.
I don’t really like how they made Superman take 8-10 years before being a member of the justice league and becoming the worlds top hero. I mean I like the fact it took him time to learn and become the Superman we all know but I think they took too many years away.

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The story I’ve heard is that the editors didn’t want the big heroes to be part of a team book in addition to their solo books.

Well I guess because the justice league broke up and when it restarted Superman was basically working directly for the president that he wasn’t needed for the justice league. Wonder Woman was reset so I understand why she wasn’t. Later on Superman was with the JL, I guess as a member or at least a close ally.

See Myth 5

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