Well we know that Dick Grayson eventually will become Nightwing. In the comics, Dicks gets the name for Nightwing from Superman, who explained that Nightwing was a Kryptonian hero, so can we expect Superman to make a guest appearance in the show? I don’t expect Dick to become Nightwing in season 2, or season 2. But hopefully we see this.


What do you guys think?

That would be great, but I wouldn’t get hopes up. I kind of like the idea of us feeling presence of the trinity in the series, but never directly interacting with them. We see so much of them in media; I want to see the rest of the DC characters get the spotlight.

I’d love that but nah I ain’t expecting a Supes appearance. I am expecting and hoping for Nightwing in s2 since Jason is in this season as the new Robin

I really want Redhood and arsenal spinoff

I’m expecting and hoping for Jason to die in S2 then return as Red Hood in a possible S4 then yeah, a spin off after that with him Aresenal would be badass

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Do you think that they will show Jason dying? That would mean we see Joker , which would be awesome.

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well i read some where that superboy will be in season 2 if so he may come up with same way he does in comics. tbh i hope thats how they do it i also hope they connect this to the arrow verse in some way i mean we have robin were getting batgirl in the crossover the groundwork is there

Batwoman batgirl is someone completely different

You guys are terrible!!! Getting me excited about all these awesome possibilities!!! :weary: I love this app so much!!