Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut

The one movie I would love to see added to the streaming service one day is The Richard Donner Cut of Superman II.


Me too, haven’t seen it


It’s interesting, but there’s some odd changes (particularly the score in the fortress) It’s absolutely worth watching, though.

I’m waiting for someone to do a perfect cut mixing the best elements of both versions into the definitive cut.


Thank you for the suggestion, @Batman1993.75778! We’re always looking for great new shows and movies to add to DC Universe. I’ll be sure to pass this along to the rest of the team. Due to licensing concerns, there may be some shows that we aren’t able to add at this time, but we’re certainly always happy to hear from our lovely community. :slight_smile:


Mo cuts, mo better


The RDC does trim a tad too much from the middle of the theatrical cut, but it’s otherwise my preferred version by far. My two major nitpicks with it are the rather clumsy recap of the first film at the beginning and the decision to include the redundant time reversal ending in the actual film rather than constructing it as a “What if?” special feature. Richard Donner never got to make any more sequels anyway, so there was no need to wipe away Lois Lane’s memory in this cut.

Nothing against Susannah York, but the story just works better with Brando. (Alternatively, I wish they would have made more use of York in Superman IV.) It also works better with a somewhat more serious tone. The film is still fun, but it’s not slapsticky like the Richard Lester cut. If I want to see that nonsense, I’ll watch Superman III, where it’s at least consistent with the creative vision for the film instead of a distortion of the original intent. (So too, if Joss Whedon makes Justice League II and fills it with nothing but groan-inducing one-liners, superfluous scenes of a random family in peril, and butt shots of Gal Gadot, I’ll at least have room to appreciate it for what it is instead of fuming over what it is tainting.)


I agree! I would love to see it, especially because it would be interesting to compare the differences between the two editions.

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Has Superman 2, 3, or 4 been added to this service?

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While I enjoyed the Donner cut in my current maturity level and film sophistication (whatever that means). I think I still prefer the original as it it calls me back to the 10 year old kid that watched it in the theater and the teen who rewatched it ad nauseam on HBO.

Plus, they took out my favorite line, which is almost as iconic as “kneel before Zod!”

I recently rewatched this and, due to the fact that they had to use the original photography, there is a scene that made me laugh out loud because, while It was fun in the original, by changing what came before, Clark Kent turns into the biggest jerk in the world.

They were at one time (I think 2, not sure about 4). But, they are not here now.

Most people cut off cable for streaming services, so I think it would be interesting if the tv version of Superman (1978) could be on here.

I wish I liked it better, but I prefer the theatrical cut in the end. Maybe it’s the editing and recycled material.

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It’s great. I’d love it if Richard Donner could combine Superman 1 & 2 into one Supercut. They way he had planned to.

Agreed! This is the only cut of the movie I ever watch because it’s so much better than the theatrical cut. However, I do slip in the theatrical disc for the ending just because when I watch them all, I can’t watch Supes turn back time for both movies. Dumb as it is, I go with the Super Kiss of forgetfulness.